3 Brilliant summer maintenance checklist for your home

Villas in Chennai OMR - 3 Brilliant summer maintenance checklist for your home
3 Brilliant summer maintenance checklist for your home

The scorching heat of the summer is on; you might be thinking it’s time to switch on the air conditioner. Most homeowners would think of ways to cool their homes during this season. But there are so many other things to focus on besides blasting the AC to the coolest. You usually think more of the insides of the house while your property out there might be at risk. Whether you own Flats in OMR or Villas in Kelambakkam, there is a certain summer maintenance checklist you ought to know this summer to protect your property.


Keep the insides cooler

1. The most significant issue faced during the summer is that the electricity bills rise like a skyrocket as the temperature outside. For this, you need to get your AC checked in the spring season in advance as most of the professionals would be busier in summer.

2. While the air conditioner puts a big hole in your pocket, it is better to go for energy efficient way. Check out your ceiling fans to keep your room with good air flow. Also, check the blades and tighten the screws. Since you are paying loads for cool air, look for any holes to avoid cool air escaping outside.


Take care of the exteriors

1. Apply a new coat of fresh paint and repair all the damages with vinyl and aluminium sidings.

2. Termites are one crucial thing you should be aware of. Termites go undetected until a significant damage occurs. Look for any signs of damage to the wooden objects in your exterior part of the house. Hire a professional to repair these or any further infestations.

3. Maintaining the garage is also a part of the exterior. Dispose of the hazardous supplies like paint and solvents in the garage.

4. During summer, the temperature is unexpectedly high and combustible materials in the garage should be protected in a safe place.

5. Also, look for any grease and fluid leakages by servicing the vehicles properly.

6. Keep the fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals away from children’s reach if you are a gardener. Keeping those chemicals in closed cabinets with a lock would be a lot safer.


Landscape maintenance

1. While well-groomed landscaping can look tremendous and glory to shine, it takes incredible effort to maintain it properly. Remove the used or dead flowers from the garden so to avoid infecting the other shrubs and plants.

2. Look for any signs of insect infestations. If so, remove the unhealthy plants so others might thrive for long.

3. Mowing the grass regularly maintains a healthy growth during summer.

4. Always water the grass in the morning to let the water get into the soil and soak throughout the day for the nourished root system. Check out if your community has any restrictions to water your grass regularly.

5. Trees should be taken care of a shady atmosphere. But in order to avoid any storm-damages, trim the branches away from the windows of your house at a safe distance.

6. Keep the branches of tall and big trees away from the power line or cables to prevent any disconnection of electricity during heavy storms.

7. One most important thing to keep in your mind is that, if you want to plant any additional trees in the yard, then, know how big it grows or its size when mature. Also, know whether the roots intrude with the underground pipes, driveways, or pavements.