3 Elevated ways to create statement ceilings for your home

Villas in OMR - 3 Elevated ways to create statement ceilings for your home
3 Elevated ways to create statement ceilings for your home

The ceilings are the most commonly neglected element of a house. The usual look of plain and boring ceilings are now replaced with architectural features and contrasting colours to impeccably match the walls. Limiting the decor with just the floors and walls are now extending by focusing on enhancing the look of the ceiling with meticulous care. There are numerous ways to create a focal point in your room whether decorating spacious villas in Kelambakkam or small flats in OMR Chennai. Regardless of whether it is a small flat or spacious bungalow to /villa; decorating the ceiling is never considered wrong or never has it taken much of an effort to bring the desired look. While the plain white ceilings feel serene and airy, yet choosing the right finish can make a remarkable difference to the entire room.

Also, know that the colour of the ceiling can influence your mood and it is completely your choice to whether to design a relaxed or vibrant ceiling. However, it significantly depends on how much spacious the room is to make the space look visually satisfying. The imperative purpose of perking up the ceiling is to make a visual difference which is dramatically noticeable as you enter the room. This naturally draws the eyes up in case of the room is small, rather focusing on just walls and floors.


Not all ceilings have to be flat

Usually, the regular ceilings are flat, plain, white and horizontal surface. Additionally, the ceilings are either a square or rectangular shaped depending on the shape of the room. This can be well-enhanced by including some architectural detailing that reshapes the ceiling from ordinary to something new. To incorporate such awesomeness to your room, you can install beams which are extremely the simplest technique of all to add charisma to the room. To make it extraordinary, just take in the style of your entire flat and select the material that coordinates well with the whole look of the flat. Or if you have an industrial style villa, then you can leave the beams exposed and bare to enhance the look of the villa with extra warmth. Exposed beams and line pipes can really add up to the style of your villa even more industrial looking.


Reshape your ceilings with imparting some architecture

Reshaping your ceiling from the regular flat and plain surface to something of an architectural vista adds effective vibrancy to the room. Just like how the exposed beams add up to the industrial style of your villa, there is a wide assortment of methods to liven up your ceiling.

To create depth to the room, then trying something of a tray ceiling that creates visual depth by installing the light fixtures at the deepest. This type of ceiling suits the rooms having a low ceiling. By creating the depth, the room can appear larger than it is.

If you are a person who likes to go minimal in decorating your flat, then coffered ceilings would be a fitting choice for you. The usual rectangular and square ceilings are beautifully enhanced with panels and delicate & right lighting fixtures. This adds character to the room by going minimalistic.

For spacious villas, creating a classic style uncovers the beauty of skylight inside looks more inviting. Domed ceilings make this effortlessly possible by incorporating stained glass inflows the natural light into the room. This creates a spacious ambience in the room, making your villa look vividly spacious.

Ambient lighting is all the way to create the mood in the room. This way, the cover ceilings improve the ambience of any room by just setting lights in the insides which is a gap between the frames and ceiling. This can be a shifting change to your flat in case you live in spacious units.


Create depth with dashing colours

It is significantly a usual practice for most interior designers those designing luxury flats and villas in OMR and other parts of Chennai to mix and match colours to create the deepest ambience ever! The usual ritual of painting the ceilings goes with neutral and light colour shades, but painting the ceilings with darker shades work like a pro. Dark colours like navy blue, charcoal black and gray creates a warm and intimate mood in the room. For a cheerful ambience, choosing light shades like blue and yellow shades would go well for a light and happy home. To improve the functionality of rooms like kitchen, bathroom and vanity, you can create contrast with white and neutral colour shades.

With the above set of signature rules, you could create a great ambience that shows a visual vista and pleasant environment for the dwellers living in both small flats to spacious villas. Be it an affordable flat or a luxury villa, creating an eye-catching environment takes some creativity and imparting knowledge about interior designing can help you more for an extraordinary interior for your home.