3 Most simple ways to improve your 1 BHK apartment layout

Villas in OMR - 3 Most simple ways to improve your 1 BHK apartment layout
3 Most simple ways to improve your 1 BHK apartment layout


Designing the layout for small spaces can be difficult as you might face a lot of challenges along the way. Designing an apartment that is both functional and aesthetically beautiful requires a sensible creativity. However, most small spaces in the city are the 1 BHK apartments. And here’s how you create a practical and visually appealing layout for your 1 BHK apartment.


1. Colour scheme

Colours contribute the most part of creating an illusion of spacious rooms. A small slip-up in choosing colours for your space can end up looking more uneven and cut off.

Rather than painting the entire apartment with one singular colour, try picking out two to three statement colours and include them in bits all over the space to create a theme. This ties up altogether and is eye-feasting to just swim through the colours inside the apartment. A well-collected space is a creation of a perfect blend of colours.

Always remember small spaces should have more neutral colours than dark and bold colours. So choose a neutral shade for the 60% of the space, and 30% of something to divide the spaces, and also 10% of dark and deep hues that highlights the space.


2. Define the space based on functionality

For apartments having open-layout, you should define the space based on the functionality even though there are no walls or separators. You should design in such a way that it shows which room serves what purpose just by looking at it. You don’t have to work tough for the transformation based on pure functionality and purposeful design. Just pick the right accessory and appropriate decorative elements for the rooms. Pick the suitable rug for the lounge area, and perfect desk for home office and the rightful cabinets for the pantry and so on. Just like how you layer the flooring space for extra protection, put the suitable items in the appropriate rooms such that it gives away what purpose it serves without having to name it separately.


3. Focus vertically

Usually, the 1 BHK apartments come with the limited square footage. In such cases, take advantage of the vertical height of the space you have. Choosing to focus on the height makes sure your space feels large. Rather than keeping your space appear at the eye level, draw the eyes upwards such that people take in space wholly. Defining the space both horizontally and vertically makes your layout feel complete and spacious.

For small spaces, you most often lack space for storage. Vertical shelving is the best solution for this wanting. To draw the eyes elsewhere other than just the television and objects within the eye-level, invest in a wall art. Add a vertical mirror on the wall to reflect space and it is a great way of creating an illusion of spaciousness.

Due to limited square footage, designing a best possible layout for 1 BHK apartments requires a lot of design and decorating techniques than the regular homes. With some pre-planning, precautions, and creativity, you can create a more functional and practical space as possible. Hope these inventive ways help you in creating a beautiful and purposeful layout for your 1 & 2 BHK Flats in OMR.