4 Best & Inexpensive renovation tips for your rental property

Villas in OMR - 4 Best & Inexpensive renovation tips for your rental property
4 Best & Inexpensive renovation tips for your rental property

Having a rental property has a major advantage in terms of cash flow. The cash flow is endless when you have a rental apartment and is out on rents. But what if you cannot generate income through rental properties? Do you know why you happen to not gain any profit through rental property? One of the main reasons why most rental properties left unoccupied after few years is the poor maintenance. This can be fixed by a set of simple renovation to make the apartment look brand new for attracting potential tenants to kick-start your cash flow again. Here are few best and inexpensive renovation tips to implement for your rental apartment in OMR Chennai to transform it to looking brand new.


Don’t overdo, lift the kitchen cupboards

Replacing anything in the kitchen might cost you load. And also, it is more to make it work. Why go for a costly method when you have a lot of simple methods that give you exactly the same result? Instead of changing the cabinets, and doors of the kitchen, just repaint the cupboards with some new vibrant colour. Cleaning the cupboards and repainting it gives you the same gorgeous look like you replaced a brand new cupboard. Just a facelift is enough than high-cost replacements.


Change the bathroom vanity

Just like how you renovate the kitchen with simple methods, it applies to the bathroom renovations as well! There is no need for bigger changes in the bathroom. A simple replacement of the vanity is all you need for a brand new look! A quick trip to the furniture showrooms and online stores opens the doors for an array of collections available in the market. Purchase a small bathroom vanity that fits perfectly to the size of your bathroom. And install task and accent lights to make it more attractive. A touch of creativity and purposeful renovation works too far from what you have in your mind. Do not consider that bathroom is not a big deal for renovations. A small change can make a big difference; the bathroom is no exception at all! A clean and hygienic bathroom can also turn a visitor to your renter.


Change the light fixtures

Anything that has a great impact on your mood is the wall paint and lighting. Creating the best ambience possible changes the mood of any room. The lighting fixtures fixed in your apartment might be the ones those were installed during your purchase. Changing these old fixtures and upgrading to the current trends makes a huge difference in creating a serene ambience. Check out the hardware stores online and purchase the suitable light fixtures for your living room, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom.

Lighting works differently for different rooms. The kitchen is where you cook, bake, eat and spend time together with family and friends; it needs something of a brighter lighting fixture to make your stomach growl just by looking at the food. Whereas the living room needs a normal lighting, and bathroom needs accent and task lighting for making your daily routine faster. The bedroom is the place where you sleep and relax, so it needs lighting that calms you down and dim and gentle lighting are more than sufficient. This can add up great value for the property for both rental and put your apartment for sale if you are sure you could get a good resale value.


Repaint instead of rebuilding

Repainting is a lot better and cheaper option than rebuilding your rental property. Either if you choose to rent the property or resale your villa in OMR, just repaint the villa which is more than enough than rebuilding the villa. Fresh paint always gifts you great payback. It also makes the place clean, hygienic and visually appealing. In case if your customer saw your villa online and ask for a visit home, then this freshly painted look would help more in convincing the potential customer to make your tenant soon. Paint the rental villa or apartment with some bright and appropriate colours according to the size of the villa or based on window counts in the room.