4 Ways Virtual Reality ruling the world of Real Estate

Villas in Chennai OMR - 4 Ways Virtual Reality ruling the world of Real Estate
4 Ways Virtual Reality ruling the world of Real Estate

The typical process of selling and buying properties in the real estate industry has been inconvenient for both the clients and the seller for decades. Now with various technological developments adopted by the real estate industry changed the way of the whole buying-selling process which is taken to a whole new level of experience.

Usually, the site visits are quite fun and you get to explore the entire property and experience the life of dwelling there within your imagination. You picture yourself in the house with your own furniture or the staged furniture inside your head. But, you only get to visualize everything within your imagination that sometimes turns out a bad decision after setting up all your furniture and start living in the house for real. This is where the virtual reality-“VR” comes into rescue for both developers and homebuyers. With this new tech method, the days of imagination are left behind.

Now, this pro-tech method is filling the gap of mere imaginations by representing the property right in front you with virtual and augmented reality. This mainly focuses on gifting a new way of experiencing site visits for both the developers or sellers and homebuyers.

Let us see how this game-changing Virtual Reality is already changing the real estate industry functions.


Virtual property showcasing

Usually, the homebuyers visit various properties before they finally settle on one property they most want. This needs a lot of time and to visit all those projects and some residential apartments they like might be far away from where they live. In this case, it becomes really difficult for the customer to visit the property. As most of the Villas in Chennai OMR are developed outskirts, home buyers are finding it difficult to visit the property every time they need an update.

This is where VR solves all these problems enabling a way to visit the property for more than millions of people without even stepping out of their house. Doesn’t that sound good? Of course, yes! All you need to do is to simply put on a VR headset and you can fully experience the 3D walkthroughs of all the properties you need to visit. This saves you more time than you can imagine that you are able to visit many locations and finally decide what you want.

Also, there are two types of 3D Virtual tours – Guided visits and Interactive visits which are intensely ruling the world of the real estate industry today!


Virtual staging

Virtual staging makes you decide what you want within a fraction of seconds. Just imagine that you are seeing an empty property with only plain and boring walls with no furniture and also an apartment which is completely staged with all the furniture and looks appealing to your eyes. Which one would you go for?

Isn’t the answer quite obvious, right? You would choose the staged apartment that prompts a visual interest and looks appealing as well. This is why most of the real estate developers believe home staging helps them to sell off the properties quickly. In simple, Virtual Reality allows the developer to create beautiful 3D real estate properties staged virtually to create a visual appeal for the need of customer satisfaction.


Architectural Visualization

It has been so knotty for the real estate developers to market their property before construction and under construction ones as well. So with the implementation of architectural visualization, it is now possible to show a new property or even a neighbourhood. These models help the buyers to imagine how the architecture of the property looks after construction.

In the case of interiors, real estate developers create large showrooms to showcase the full-scale apartment models of the new constructions. It takes loads of money and courage to invest in these new tech methods. But, one obvious advantage for the developers is that they are able to showcase both the interiors and exteriors of the unconstructed/yet-to-be- built properties. For the homebuyers, it feels easy and clear to look at both the interiors and exteriors to choose what they want.

In final words, it becomes easy for the real estate builders and agencies to show what the clients are really offering. This not only makes the buying-selling process easier, but also builds trust and transparency between the customer and the developer.


Virtual Commerce

This is more advanced and fun-filled technology where it takes all the above-said three things to a whole new level of experience. The above three advancements only enables the client to see what’s present in the tour but, what if you get to make changes? Yes, this is possible with virtual commerce.

The 3D tour enables you to change the interiors if you don’t like the existing one by visiting a virtual store immediately. If you don’t like the piece of furniture in the living room of the 3D apartment, then you can style it with other furniture and see what works for you! Just like how you move things around the house to sort what works in a physical world, you can do that with virtual commerce in the virtual world too!

In case if the client/homebuyer is interested in buying the existing furniture and embellishment materials used, then they can buy it immediately through virtual stores.



With the above-said advancements in Virtual Reality, the fate of real estate are not only changing but, also upgrading in every process undertaken in the industry. This has made the home purchase extremely easy and stress-free for the homebuyers today!