5 Attractive ways to spice up your blank and boring walls

Villas in OMR - 5 Attractive ways to spice up your blank and boring walls
5 Attractive ways to spice up your blank and boring walls

The walls in your home contribute a huge part for an appealing interior. Large, blank and plain walls can look boring and dull while well-decorated walls improve the aesthetics of the room. The easiest way to spice up the walls is just to update with the current trends. There are several things you could do from the vibrant & bold wall paints, murals to wall art and so many to pick from to spruce your walls. Here are few striking ways picked for you to enhance the aesthetics of your home through walls.


Dress up your walls with attractive ornaments

The first thing that pops into our head is to fill the blank wall with a beautiful picture gallery. For those individuals who like to gather precious collectables, then it is extremely easy for you to decorate the walls. Be it heirlooms, clocks, glassware, hats and photographs, it would be a great contributing factor in embellishing the appalling walls. If you have plenty of black and white photographs, then just display those on the wall creating an inventive pattern. This is one of the simplest way of filling up the walls. Otherwise, just hang your collectables and organize it in a way it looks catchy and striking as you enter the room. Remember, never stuff things and make the place look crammed.


Create your own wall art

In case of rental houses, it is not a wise idea to buy expensive arts. As you would be moving very often, it would be better to create your own art to make the apartment feel homey. Just look around the house to pick up a few things which you might feel artistic and create a tasteful artwork. Be it a small postcard or colourful paper or any colour tapes; create a design on the wall to come out with a beautiful pattern. Keep it simple; if you are a person with abounding creativity, create a butterfly pattern on one corner of the wall. Minimalistic patterns would look elegant on the walls and doesn’t look much brimful. This is a great way to decorate the walls if you live in rented flats in Anna Nagar or apartments in OMR Chennai.


Build an artistic bookshelf

Bookshelves are not restrained only for books; you can use it inventively in many ways. Paint the shelf complementing the colour of your wall. Display your favourite books, artworks, antiques, heirloom antiques, or vintage collections. Organize the pieces in a way it looks apart from the walls so it looks outstandingly noticeable. For those who have settled in spacious independent villas in OMR, may plan out to build a shelf like this as they would have no idea of moving out for at least a few years. This would not work well for those who live in rentals might move into new houses frequently.


Try plaster or wainscot panelling

Now creating artwork without hanging pictures in frames becomes easy by including plaster panelling in your wall-decor list. You can try out custom designs using plaster panelling. Likewise, the wainscot panelling is a subtle and sophisticated way of panelling. You can create some interesting architectural designs on the plain wall using wide pieces and paint it with rich and bold colours.


Paint the wall with an eye-catching colour

In doubt of all the ways of sprucing up your wall, just paint the plain wall with an eye-catching shade. Paint one wall with bright, bold and deep colour and display one or two large framed pictures to make it simple and intensifying. For instance, colours like bright pink, Deep Turquoise, Navy blue or Dutchlac Brilliant Tulip Red or ruby red shades.


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