5 Compelling ways to decorate your home with Brass

Adding a touch of metallic accents to your home brings a tremendous difference. In the recent years, the art of decorating with lacquered brass is presently supplanted with the gentler version of brass. Get creative with this by adding a few of the metallic ornamentals, all over to decorate your home to look more elegant and rusty sparkly. Brass is the all-time rocker in the decorative seasons and goes well for spacious luxury villas in OMR and now residents dwelling in small apartments in OMR are bringing this effect of metallic taste in their flats to feel more elegant and homey.


2 bhk flats in omr - 5 Compelling ways to decorate your home with Brass

Ways to use brass all over the house

Brass is a non-metallic ornamental which doesn’t corrode over time. This could be used to adorn your spacious individual house in various ways. The most common ways of beautifying your house are using brass furniture and fixtures. Some of them are

1. Light fixtures and lamps

2. The cabinets and drawer handles

3. The bookshelf or kitchen counters

4. Tables

5. Vases and urns

6. Small trays and bowls

7. Brass coated bed and so on


Pop up the room with some pinch of color and brass

Generally, brass alone looks so much ancient, authentic and traditional. Adding some eye-popping colors in the room with this, uplifts the place with utmost warmth and coziness. Brass goes well with a colossal of colors which includes cream, white, gray, green, especially forest green, Indian red which is a spicy chili red, and any hue of blue. Its colour yet pairs well with other tones of metals like copper, chrome, nickel and stainless steel. Metal with metal goes really well, but remember to be minimalistic and keep from decorating with too much of the metal.


Keep it natural

A lot of metal in a room doesn’t appear good. Remember, when you are taking a step forward to add a lot of metal in the room, and then keep your color palette subdued. Because brass pieces look more beautiful when combined with darker shades like black, navy blue, purple, or any other jewel or gem stone colors. Be selective painting your walls with darker and strongly bold shades if you really want to bring its shine outstandingly beautiful in the room. Most city dwellers prefer the modernized look, then decorating the house with brass pieces by painting the walls with gray, white or blue.

5 Compelling ways to decorate your home with Brass

Classics are all the way to go

Copper is the centralized theme of kitchens these days, it’s essential to have a brass moment with lighting as well. Having touched some cool with a texture of silver, chrome and gold leaves or ornamentals is all the way to brass jingles. The timeless classic is the only way to bring out the best brass decoration.


Keep it simple and start minimal

Shiny wallpapers and metallic ceilings are the best way to bring in the metallics in your apartments. Why not try antique silver tea tray? Instead of purchasing heavy furniture which takes a great effort to move around immediately, try to buy easy-movable brass pieces to adorn your house with brass style decor. Do not go for hammered metals which can be difficult to change or move around. If you are still in doubt, try starting with metallic pieces like mirrors.


By keeping these simple things in mind, give an unexpected touch with brass decorative for your villas in Chennai OMR.