5 Sensible Vastu tips for furniture placement in individual houses

Individual house for sale in OMR - 5 Sensible Vastu tips for furniture placement in individual houses
5 Sensible Vastu tips for furniture placement in individual houses


Vastu plays a significant role in everyone’s life. The reflection of both good and bad vastu is found everywhere and in everything in one’s life. In such a way, vastu is a wellness contributing factor for building a house to planning each room to the furniture placement. Though some people only see vastu for the property’s structure and rooms, it is important to take vastu into arranging the furniture at the right place as well. Placing furniture in your house at the right corner helps in inflow positive vibe into your individual house or even an apartment.

Also, placement of accessories at the right zone can bring harmony and health to your family than placing in the negative zones in your house. In a materialistic world, furniture is related to a comfy seating, bedding and storage. But, a proper orientation of furniture can bring you harmony, peace and wealth to your home by soothing immense positive vibe around you.


Here are some vastu principles to follow for a perfect furniture placement to add life to your house.

Ideally, vastu for a home is seeking an uninterrupted balance between the five panchaboota elements, earth, water, fire, air, and space. If there is a perfect balance between these elements harmonically in a house, then it is likely believed that the family can be blessed with a peaceful home with all positive vibe. Vastu, for the most part, gives away its energy for the clutter-free and a well-organized space. An environment with all vibrancy of peace, positivity, health and harmony is a happy place one can dwell in.


Living room

The living room is the first room anyone would visit after entryway. It is extremely important to have a welcoming living room ready. The entrance door or the front door, in general, should rather be made of wood for Indian homes. There are a set of vastu principles to apply for a flawlessly working living room for a positive welcoming for the guests.

1. Furniture should be placed either in the west or south direction also away from the wall to let in the energy around      the house.

2. Sharp rectangular furniture is preferred for a living room than oddly shaped like round or oval furniture.

3. Coming to speak of television, it must be at the south-east, north or the eastern part of the living room.

4. Keep your living room clutter-free by placing a few artefacts and pictures.


Dining room

The dining room is where most of the conversations happen with tasty food and mouth-watering aura. After living room, the stimulation of communication between the family members takes place in the dining room.

1. Ideally, the dining room should be placed in the north-west of the kitchen in any individual house.

2. The dining table should be made something of a solid material which can be wood.

3. Place the dining table away from the walls.

4. An oval or round dining table works well for a perfect dinner. A rectangular table does not stimulate communication and feels apart.


Kitchen room

A kitchen is a working place where fire and water exist side by side. Kitchen vastu is all about keeping a balance between these two elements.

1. The design of the kitchen counter should be in a way that the stove top and sink do not collide in the same stage. As the water and fire element does not go well together, the stove and sink shouldn’t be on the same platform.

2. The cooktop should be away from the window and also avoid keeping at the corner as it is weak to fight off negative energy.

3. The gas stove should be kept in the south-east corner of the kitchen as the lord of fire exists in this direction.

4. The south direction is not favourable for the kitchen as it leads to financial problems. Ensure you don’t keep any closet or shelve right above the gas as most of the homeowners prefer to place a chimney.

You can prefer these principles for a better placement for the kitchen of any individual house. As most of the individual house for sale in OMR, ECR, Pallavaram and other parts of Chennai are sold unfurnished that you have an advantage of placing the furniture all by yourself as per Vastu Shastra.



For any house, a bedroom is a place that feels more personal and soothing to relax. To emphasise harmony and peace inside the bedroom

1. Just place the bed in the south-west direction of the room. Likewise, the south-east part must be empty.

2. Ensure the bed is away from the door and windows to avoid the inflow of vital energy during nights.

3. If any valuables kept in wardrobe, then try to place it in the south-west direction.

4. Place the mirror in such a way that does not reflect the image of the bed.



Water is in the majority in the bathroom and it is likely to wash away all the energies. Follow these steps to inflow the positive energy rather than washing it away.

1. As per Vastu, it is good to incorporate wooden or stone elements in the bathroom as it represents the earth and helps in balancing the energy loss due to the constant flow of water.

2. Ventilation is the key for a better vastu in the bathroom. Keep your bathroom ventilated and illuminated to keep away dampness.

3. Include some plants and greenery if possible in a small pot in case you live in spacious villas. That makes a welcoming change in bathroom circulating freshness and fragrance.