7 Miracle tips for saving time in the garden

Villas in Chennai OMR - 7 Miracle tips for saving time in the garden
7 Miracle tips for saving time in the garden


Most home gardeners find it troublesome in growing plants & flowers in the garden. A greater part of the house in the urban communities in the cities has a garden. Most of these individual houses and villas in Chennai OMR have private gardens for themselves, and which is great to enhance gardening. But here, the residents have limited time to spend in the garden due to the hassled city life. Usually, they find it difficult to spare time for maintaining the garden properly. Remember, there are a few things you; city dwellers can do for saving time to maintain your garden.

Here are the 7 miracle ways to save your valuable time in the garden


1. Walk before you run

Most of you may dream to have a large garden. Remember, it requires more maintenance if you wish to have a garden loaded with all flowers and plants type. So try not to sow all the seeds at once and aim for a huge garden. Try not to start something which you can’t completely focus on.


2. Buy bright coloured gardening tools

Never purchase light and earthy toned tools for gardening. It is very difficult to find those buried in the mud and plants. Pick bright coloured handles for the gardening tools. It saves you a lot of time in searching the tools at times. Also, it is easy to spot in seconds.


3. Organize your tools neatly

A properly organized toolbox or shed saves time in the garden. Readers, you might have noticed that these tips are greatly practical but effective too. So spend a few minutes to organize the tools after gardening. So next time when you want a tool, it takes only a few seconds to find it in the shed. Or in simple, build a rack to keep all your tools organized properly.


4. Place all your containers in one place

If you use any container for gardening, like watering plants or other compost bins, keep them all in one place. This makes watering easier and saves time in finding those.


5. Plant the flowers and veggies with vicinity

Plant the flowers and veggies within accessible range. Keep them in the place where you visit frequently. This helps in spotting harm to the plants immediately. If the plants are in your sight, the more it stays in your mind. It also reminds you what to do next to the plants. For example, I am living in one of the flats in OMR, where I keep my plants on the perimeter of my balcony. I have a routine of having coffee out on the balcony, so the first things I notice after sunrise are my pretty plants. So keeping your plants within reach helps in taking a look at it every now and then.


6. Healthy soil gives healthy produce

Never choose some random soil to plant the veggies. To grow organic produce, then picking a healthy soil to sow the seeds would be better. Add some fine compost and other organic fertilizers to have healthy veggies. Starting to grow the plants with nutrient-rich soil in the beginning stage will save you time and money later on.


7. Go for a walk

Take a walk through your garden once in a day. It is the best way to check out the plants for signs of damage. A frequent check out for the plants helps in figuring out the issue soon before it goes out of your hand. Remember residents, it just takes a few minutes to check out. This might save you a lot of time and headache later on.


Keeping these things in your mind helps you to have a smart gardening with saving a lot of time as well. Working smart is always better than working hard.


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