9 Jaw-dropping flooring themes for your home

Flooring is the base that uplifts the beauty of your house. Whether it is a new house or planning for a resale, replacing the floors makes the house look brand new. Be its wooden floors, tiles or ceramic floors, replacing it creatively can appear completely different.

9 Jaw-dropping flooring themes for your home - flats for sale in omr sholinganallur
9 jaw-dropping types of flooring themes for your home


1. Wooden floors for an ethnic look

Going organic is not only environmentally friendly, but it adds a modern and ethnic look to the house. Wooden floors are all the rage these days for modernized contemporary home decor. Wooden floors those are laminated with plastic adhere are affordable and cost-effective as well.


2. Go monochromatic

Trying the different shades of the same colour is the best way to get floored. The monochromatic theme has only less chance of going wrong. To bring out the best monochromatic theme for your home, put all the items of the same colour in a room to match the floors and walls. If you have a bookshelf, then colour code it looks right.


3. Classic pattern for soothing environment

Classic patterns like checkerboard are typically an Indian style and work wonders for Villas. Remember, use the classically patterned floors for large spaces like halls or entrances. Terraces and living rooms are the best places to incorporate these patterns and look great for the open space. The bedrooms are a no for classic patterns as it is busy zone and less spacious.


4. Go roughly for aesthetic look

Generally, roughly textured tiles give an aesthetic look for the house. Just choose the different shades of the same colour textured tiles to create the look. The colour family makes the entire room look uniform.


5. Mosaic will never let you down

If you feel boredom with that entire regular tile flooring, then a detailed mosaic or customized tile will never let you down. As there are so many varieties of colours, it will go with any type of decor and interiors. Mosaic never goes out of style in any decade.


6. Using depth to enhance the space

If you have something more interesting and striking to bring out, then use the dark floor. The dark colours bring more depth to the room. Dark coloured flooring goes well with larger rooms than tiny ones. Since dark colours make the room look even smaller and cramped.


7. Make it easy for the outdoor

For the outdoor areas, rough flooring goes well. There shouldn’t be smooth flooring because it is very difficult to scrub and polish. So choose rough and sandstone flooring for the driveway which works perfectly flawless.


8. Leave some spark of your personal colour

If you are a person who loves colour and love to go monotone, then this is the best way to add your personal touch for flooring. Just pick your most favourite coloured tile and randomly collide with the flooring tiles. This surely draws the eyeballs to the floor.


9. Go subtler for large areas

If you have a large area in the house, then it would be extremely difficult to cover the flooring. For this, pick tiles of different shapes and stones to form a pattern. But remember, they all should be of the same colour to bring a subtler effect.

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