Advancement: From small apartments to spacious villas

Independent Villas in OMR - Advancement: From small apartments to spacious villas
Advancement: From small apartments to spacious villas

There are two types of residents in the real estate market. While some are career starters who look for 1 & 2 BHK apartments and few of the settled family home buyers prefer luxury properties like villas and individual houses. However, the 2 BHK flats are all the rage for the young professionals and students who move to new cities for studies. This is yet a most mainstream decision among the people running ages from 18 to 25 while those who have big families prefer to own independent villas in OMR and other posh locations in Chennai. There is a changing phase from 1 BHK to spacious villas and individual houses in the real estate market. This happens once the working individual’s family starts growing. They eventually seek something more spacious, independent and secure property.

The need to upgrade from small flats to spacious villas happens at some point in time for sure. Let us now dig deep into this advancement happens in every individual’s life in real estate.

At the early stage of moving into a new city for educational and employment purpose, the primary thing which every individual’s plan is to dwell in rental properties. This is the first thought plan every person has until they build a better foundation in the new place. At this stage, people generally look for 1 or 2 BHK flats without any modern amenities as they would only plan out to rent for almost 2 years only.

After continuing to rent for 2 years, one gets to know about the significance of owning a property and needs some upgrade in life. This is where the initial investment begins. They usually look for small apartments for sale like compact homes. Earning only less income at the early stages of the career, individuals look for small investment properties with basic amenities on the property during the first investment.

The need to advance from small flats to even more spacious villas emerges while the individual gets married and the family starts growing. The need for more space with enough number of rooms becomes essential at this stage. Every now and then you might arrange for social gatherings and birthday parties for the kids. This particularly means an upgrade in ‘space’. To allocate space for new furniture and appliances demands somewhat a larger room for everything.

Considering all these factors, compact homes is not the solution for this. Only bigger and spacious properties would only suit this lifestyle and pattern you’d like to have. Having said that, bigger properties means a lot of times is 3 BHK. Looking for spacious 3 BHK individual houses for sale with living, dining, and kitchen, drawing and entertainment rooms become must-have factors at this time. Most families will continue to dwell in these homes without having a thought of purchasing any new properties in the future.

Some families long for even a better life after purchasing 3 BHK homes. This is where the term ‘luxury’ involves in the pattern of dwelling. The thought of mixing some luxury in craving a better property than this demands so much while investing. For sure once the investment is done successfully promises a peaceful and comfortable lifestyle which you’d want to come back after a tiring day at work. ‘Luxury’ here means a better space with trendy interiors and upgraded appliances with all necessary and modern amenities in the community. By this time, individuals might have attained a strong position in the top notch company. This means he would have accumulated a lot of money saved in the account to willingly pay for the luxury he always dreamed of. Eventually, he might happily invest in luxury villas in OMR, ECR, Porur, Oragadam and other popular locations in the metro city.

Taking all these factors into consideration, most of the times, home purchase becomes the matter of pride and definition of one’s lifestyle.