Basic Feng Shui Orientations at Home for Beginners

Basic Feng Shui Orientations at Home for BeginnersFeng Shui is a holistic design and decor concept for a home that is being practiced by people all around the world. The practice highlights the significance of the decoration and placement of certain objects in the home to augment the flow of positive energy. Originated in China, this Eastern practice of Feng Shui is translated as “wind-water” and is being spread all around the globe. Here in this article are a few basic Feng Shui orientations that synchronize the living space to bring in positive vibes:


Feng Shui at the entrance:

A home’s important part is the front door entrance as it is the vital route for the flow of energy both ways. This space around the front door should be inviting, inspiring and charming to look at. Vibrant welcome mat, pleasing lighting, colourful plants and flower pots can improve the charm of this space. Placing a water element is also a good practice at this spot. Not everyone can install a fountain; instead of keeping an “uruli” (round bowl made of bronze) with water and flowers on it is advisable.


Enhancing the living room:

First and foremost, the living room should be clean and without any cluttered stuff. The front door entrance should be visible from the arrangement of seating in the living room. Sofa, chairs and other seating components are better against the living room wall, but a few inches away and shouldn’t be in a direct position with the entrance.

A round small table in the living room is good to spread the energy all around the space. A mirror that reflects the dining space is assumed to be a lucky charm to the inhabitants of the house. Laughing Buddha statue or chandeliers made of crystal are also considered as a great addition. In my apartments in Pallavaram Radial Road, the first thing I improved was the living room and space felt better right from then.

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Feng Shui in the bedroom:

The bedroom should exude a relaxing and comfortable vibe when entered. Plush mattresses and pillows along with soothing bed linens and a solid headboard can make the bedroom inviting and relaxing. The colours of the curtains should be light and soothing to the eyes and not bright. It is better not to have a desktop in the bedroom or an exercising machine. Do not bring the laptop to the bed to work. In-built storage spaces in the bed are also considered bad in the practice of Feng Shui.


Energetic kitchen:

Another important space that should let out positive energy is the kitchen. Do not let any empty space to collect dust as they are considered bad. The lighting should be just enough and the kitchen can be improved with serene indoor plants and kitchen decors.


Accumulating energy in the balcony:

The balcony or a garden is the space where the home connects with nature and transcends into a living space for us. Lush green plants and sturdy yet comfortable furniture can make this outdoor space inviting and attract good energy. Also, consider hanging one of the famous Feng Shui elements wind chimes to repel negativity and attract good vibes.


Feng Shui orientation for a staircase:

If the home has a staircase, it can create a great test while redeveloping. The staircase should not be on the right side of the front entrance, east, southeast and southwest directions. If the staircase is already in any of these positions and cannot be changed, it is better to change the metal elements on them with wooden parts.