Before & After: Apartment safety tips for women living alone

Villas in Chennai OMR - Before & After: Apartment safety tips for women living alone
Before & After_ Apartment safety tips for women living alone

Ms. Priya, who is 23 years old, was in search of safe flats in OMR Chennai. She is a young career starter who was placed in a reputed MNC company in Chennai. As there are a lot of companies established in this location, most families are moving into this location to live close to their workplaces. There are a plethora of women graduated every year. So, it has become more difficult to get rental apartments as there are more families who have already occupied the units. In fact, it is usually difficult to find a place in busy metro cities like Chennai, Mumbai, and others. There is a lot to deal rightly with the landlords, and meddling neighbours. Besides all these, the safety issue has become more important for women as there are innumerable crimes taking place against women regularly. So this is why women’s safety is a must who are living alone in rented flats in a new city. Here are some practical safety measures for women while they live in a rented house.


Before moving in

There are so many safety tips for women once after they move into the apartment. But, safety before moving in is relatively important to after moving in.

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Safety tips for women before moving into the rental apartment

Whether you rent or buy a place to stay, it is important to do some research before signing the rental/lease agreement. For example, if you are looking for rental flats or an individual house for sale in OMR, you can take a look at the neighbors and neighborhood with these following questions in mind.

(1) Does the neighborhood seem friendly?

(2) Do you think it is safe to live in the community alone?

(3) Does it look like it’s safe for single women?

(4) Does the area/community have any history of crime regarding safety?

(5) Is the location accessible to 24/7 public transport? : In case if you have to leave early in the morning and return late at nights, as you know, there are switching shifts in the companies.

(6) Are the local markets are nearby? : Remember to check out the basic amenities available in the community. In case of a non-gated community, then make note of the nearby local stores, ATMs, grocery shops and others.


After moving in

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Safety tips for women after moving into the rental apartment


Get to know the neighbours:

Neighbours can be of very big help in case of emergency. It is not necessary to be best friends with your neighbours, just try getting to know them for at least a bit.

If you feel your neighbour can be trustworthy and then share your parent’s or friend’s number with them as they can call your parents in case of an emergency.


Use safe and quality locks:

Use quality locks can be unbreakable in case burglars are trying to break it to break in. Also, changing the locks at times can be safe as the broker might have a spare key by any chance.


Avoid using transparent curtains on the windows:

Always use curtains to close the doors and windows. Using transparent windows is not safe for women as it is visible for the outsiders to see what’s happening inside. Non-transparent curtains are a must for single women.


Keep your mobile charged for an emergency:

Keep your mobile charged for emergencies at nights to call the police or the security. Also, using two networks can help you at times of unsteady network connection.


Install a security system:

An advanced home security system makes a helping hand in guarding your home as you are living alone in the house at nights. However, there isn’t anyone to look after your house while you work.


Maintain a handy first-aid kit:

Keep SOS type medicine in the first aid box. It is really good and helpful to have a first-aid kit at home for a medical emergency. You cannot predict when unhealthy situations would occur. Specifically, it is not safe to go out at night, treat yourself with basic medications at home and can consult a doctor in the morning.


Follow your intuition:

There isn’t a best helping friend than your gut and intuition. Use your common sense and be practical if you sense something unusual or strange around you.

Hope these safety tips would be helpful for those women you are willing to be career women and move into new cities besides living the rest of their lives in the kitchen.