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Benefits Of Community Farming

In India, many residential projects offer community farming as a part of the amenities in a gated community living. This is a way of exploring cultivation and to develop the art of growing food, engaging with the community members and also maintained by the associations in the community itself. It is a view of bringing people together to communicate the practice of cultivation and its methods.

There are several advantages of community farming, listed below are some of them


Benefits: Brings everyone together

Community farming within a community helps in bringing all the residents together to engage in a group activity to produce healthy and nutritious vegetables, fruits and greens. These days we don’t have sufficient energy to take an interest in any gathering exercises because of our bustling planned life. The establishment of community farming in a gated community encourages residents to get acquainted with growing food in a hygienic way that eventually reduces the cost investing to grocery stores and spares energy running in the scan for sellers. A lot of their earnings are saved by the residents who dwell in the luxury villas in OMR due to the establishment of community farming.


Benefits: Increases healthy eating

Today, rice, wheat, vegetables, and fruits are cultivated someplace and it takes a plenty time to reach us to cook them and have it. The period where these vegetables move from place to place loses its freshness and nutrients on the way to our home. However, another issue is that we never recognize what kind of pesticides being utilized for developing the veggies.

Along these lines, where there is a community farm, there exists the solid nourishment. By planting your own plant and developing vegetables under your watch properly and great use of natural pesticides brings about fresh, uninfected and nutritious veggies, herbs, greens and organic products in your plates to have a healthy life. Rather than racing to the health center, at last, plant your own plants and herbs in your place and set up your suppers, this decreases the impact of getting sick as well as a craft of regarding nourishment.


Benefits: A solid learning opportunity

Best amenity a promoter can provide for the residents set up an opportunity to grow their own food. Here, people build up an enthusiasm for planting and learn tips and traps about how to really practice their green thumb. Community farming helps in instructing the residents with different methods of planting, more about the components required for plants to flourish and survive, giving fundamental temperature and so on. In Chennai, there are so many villas for sale in OMR which gives the inhabitants a chance of creating their veggies which a lot of city dwellers don’t get easily and effectively.


Benefits: Productive use of land in your villa

With an increase in population utilizing land in an inefficient way is another issue to focus on. Community farming is an excellent way of utilizing the land to nourish individuals that lift their wellbeing as opposed to contaminating them with undesirable food. If you opt for rooftop gardens, they take up only less space, but produce plenty of organic veggies. In another case, this space otherwise goes unused other than occasional usage. Rooftops garden, people are highly interested in growing hydroponics, which consumes only minimal natural nutrients and chemicals which gives you 50% more healthy veggies than the soil grown crops. The terrace in the villas in Kelambakkam is utilized by providing a hydroponic system set up for the residents if they like it.

In a word, community farming is effective in many ways. It unites everyone together in an era where nobody knows even their neighbor’s name. To open up to proper diet instead of consuming packaged food.