Best foolproof ways to soundproof apartments and villas

Villas in Kelambakkam - Best foolproof ways to soundproof apartments and villas
Best foolproof ways to soundproof apartments and villas

With more and more low, mid and high-rise apartments developing in the cities, it has become more difficult to find houses with no common walls. Being stuck in the cities to dwell nearby the workplaces, chances to escape from the noisy environ has become unimaginably low. So it is difficult to escape from the noisy neighbours, squealing garbage trucks, car stereos, and from the maddening traffic noise outside. This has been the majorly significant problem every apartment dweller has to deal with. Here are a few foolproof ways to soundproof your apartment to escape the buzzing noise outside and to be a good neighbour among your neighbourhood.

You can turn up the silence inside your humble abode despite you rent or buy an apartment for sale in OMR or Villas in Kelambakkam.


Block the noise

(i) Between rooms

The sound waves going around the room will skip off hard surfaces, while the soft surfaces absorb it. To muffle the sounds and noises within the rooms, just apply materials such as cotton, felt, or foam directly to the wall surface, ceilings, room dividers (walls between rooms, doors, and so on. To take it even one step further, try more upholstery pieces to the furniture.


(ii) Entering through the windows

Generally, the amplification of noise is easier with single pane glass instalments. In case you are moving into the apartment or villa house you bought instead of the renting ones, then try upgrading it to triple-pane windows. Most of the homeowners do not find this as a feasible option, thus sticking to hanging heavy or thick drapes with multilayer fabrics for the rooms.


(iii) Coming through ceilings and walls

If you find the footsteps a big problem, check out with your landlord or homeowner to lay a carpet or even an area rug to muffle the noise which enters through your ceiling. To mute the noises emitting through the walls, then add furniture touching the wall, like a bookshelf. To improve this even more, just add a thick piece of foam behind the bookshelf to block the sound strength even more.

Most of the renters who live in apartments face these challenges as they could not make permanent modifications to the space. They face several restrictions while renting right from painting the bathrooms to re-tiling the kitchens. Still, it is important to dwell in peace regardless of whether you own or rent the apartment. From now on, you don’t have to bear the lack of silence in the apartment by not making permanent modifications for soundproofing the space. Here are a few tactics you could use to soundproof your apartment without undergoing permanent alterations.


Simple and feasible soundproof ways in case of rental apartments which are completely removable


Fill up the bookshelf

Having said to move furniture touching the walls, filling up the bookshelf with loads of books can muffle the noises coming from the neighbouring apartments through walls. Make sure the bookshelf is as large as your spacious apartment. Gather all your books, textbooks and stack it in the bookshelf as it mutes the noise emerging through your walls.


Hang draperies or curtains

If you don’t like to crowd your apartment with all heavy and bulky furniture, then adding thick and soft fabrics to the walls can put an end to the neighbourhood noises by reducing the sound. Floor to ceiling curtains can help a lot in dampening the noises even more.


Add few rugs on the floor

If the noise is emitting from your own apartment, then adding rugs is the ideal choice you can go for. A large rug can work splendidly to limit the noises and echoes in spacious rooms like living rooms. Layering several rugs can help you muffling the noises if you have really noisy neighbours.