Best themed restaurants in Chennai- 1 visit is just not enough

Gone are the days to visit an ordinary restaurant and eat what is listed on the menu. The themed restaurants are all the rage which has become the trend for most food lovers, simply nicknamed as foodies. The themed restaurants are gaining popularity among the individuals who work all day and night shifts in IT companies. This has become their weekend routine to explore different restaurants in Chennai to get the essence of tasty food instead of spending their Sunday’s frittering time in their apartments.

Here are some best-themed restaurants in Chennai to quench your taste buds by visiting these astounding food places.


1. Amazon Jungles

Luxury Villas in Chennai OMR - Best themed restaurants in Chennai
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Amazon jungles is a themed restaurant which is particularly set up to recreate the sights, sound, and feel of the Amazon jungle. They serve the best food and drinks, which include Chinese, South Indian, Tandoori and delicious salads. It would cost around Rs.600 approximately for 2 people. It is located in Perungudi, OMR which is a within-reach place for individuals dwelling in the villas in OMR.


2. 747

Luxury villas in OMR - Best themed restaurants in Chennai
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747 is a themed restaurant which is differently designed after the jet airline by Boeing. Chennai received this 747 restaurant with utmost warmth at the time when the themed restaurant’s trend was picking a slower pace. The ambience of this place mimics the interiors of the original plane which attracts most food lovers here. They serve delicious North Indian, Chinese and Thai food and the price is not so high than Rs.850 approximately for 2 persons. This is located at Thoraipakkam in Chennai.


3. The Kaidi’s Kitchen

Luxury villas in OMR - Best themed restaurants in Chennai
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The Kaidi’s kitchen came out with an idea which is extremely beyond imagination, which is an opulent prison-themed restaurant. With a seductive aroma around the place, they call it “Twisted Fantasy” as the name itself implies Kaidi’s which means the prisoner’s kitchen. They serve vegetarian in this beautifully crafted prison cell, which includes Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Thai, North Indian, Salad and others. The Kaidi’s Kitchen is situated at Mylapore in Chennai. They have another branch in Kolkata as well. The price comes around Rs. 1500 for two.


4. The Dragon’s Den

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The Dargon’s den is one of the most sought-after themed restaurants in Chennai. The two essential key players which attract most people here is the quantity of food and the price as well. The restaurant is designed based on the dragon’s den which has little cages around. The price for 2 persons cost you around Rs. 500 approximately. This restaurant is located at Adyar in Chennai. They also serve Beverages, Chinese, Asian, Juices, Desserts, Ice Cream and more.


5. The Waterfall Restaurant


Villas in OMR - Best themed restaurants in Chennai
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The waterfall restaurant is a unit of casual dining; Dine-in conceptualized, which has an astounding 20 feet waterfall inside. This place is a perfect place for families and also a romantic themed restaurant. This is the best place to quench your taste buds with Andhra and Tamil Nadu’s delicious food essence. Additionally, Chinese and North Indian food lovers can come visit this lovely place. Also, they have a banquet hall for more than 100 people to host family events, meetings, get-togethers and so on. The waterfall restaurant is located at Vadapalani in Chennai at a reasonable price of Rs. 800 approximately for two persons.


With these most excellent themed restaurants listed above, so visit these places to quench your taste buds. These food places would definitely promise to leave your mouth-watery with one visit. Individuals dwelling in the apartments in OMR, Adyar, Thoraipakkam, Vadapalani, and other places can visit these places in a few minutes.