Budget upgrade tips to increase the estimation of your property

Budget upgrade tips to increase the estimation of your property

Here is a list of simple tips to upgrade the value of your house. The value of any residential property is increased with these simple tips.


Paint and update the cabinets of your kitchen

Installing new cabinets for the kitchen can be quite expensive. Instead, just paint the old cabinets in your kitchen and other rooms as well. One coating of a good paint product is not enough. Try to coat it twice by layering evenly to give a perfectly flawless look for the cabinets. Another thing is that try to wipe the stains and rust formed on the handlebars. If not, just change the handles with contemporary model handles available in the market.


Get new light switch plates in all your rooms

To get your house all brand new this year, just simply replace your switch plates in every room. This might seem simple and silly, yet it works wonders for a property’s brand new look.


Upgrade your landscaping and curb appeal

Landscaping can contribute 8-15% to the value of an individual house. Usually, the buyers focus obviously falls in the outdoor space of a house. For this, just paint the front door with an eye-pleasing color. Add a few colorful flower plants on the front porch. Most of the individual houses are gaining good resale value for its landscaping designs. So improve your curb appeal and improve the greenery for the turfs as well. Water the plants regularly, mow the garden and rake the dry leaves. By doing so, your house can see great profits like the individual house for sale in OMR, ECR, Anna Nagar and other developed locations.


Limit your personal and family pictures on the wall

Any home buyer wants to picture them in the house. Instead of stuffing all your personal heirlooms in the house, just make some space for visualization. Cluttered and over-crowded space never allows free-flowing thoughts for the buyers. A spacious room is definitely contributing for a better visualization. Because most general home buyers tend to picture themselves in your house as to how their life would be after buying the property. So have some room to make them visualize and crave for this dream home.


Upgrade fixtures and lighting

To attract potential home buyers, updating the fixtures and lighting in the main room would look massive and expensive. Cleaning the door knobs, windows, and other fixtures in the house take the property completely to a new level. Buy an artistic and elegant lighting fixture for the dining room and living room would brighten up the hour in case the buyers decide to visit for a lookup during evenings.


Add mirrors

This is a tricky idea to upgrade your home. Placing a vertical mirrors in the rooms would bring an illusion of spaciousness in the house. This helps in making the room look expanded. Placing mirrors on the opposite sides in a room would reflect each other and the room looks even larger than it is. This is another way of transforming your house really new and expensive.


Last but not the least, ask your realtor and do what catches the buyer’s eye

One of the easiest and effortless way of upgrading your house is to ask your realtor. Because they know what buyers look for while house hunting. People looking for a house have certain necessities. People in this generation have various thoughts on home improvement. So ask your realtor what actually people look for in a house these days. This helps you a lot in upgrading your house easily.