Build your own functional study room in small spaces

Luxury villas in OMR - Build your own functional study room in small spaces
Build your own functional study room in small spaces


Most city dwellers these days are unsatisfied about not having a comfortable living space. These small budget apartments they purchase barely fulfils all the requirements the dweller crave for. A skillfully designed home fulfills the dream of every resident having a comfortable and functional space for them besides the less square footage a budget home offer. So designing a space to cover all of the dweller’s requirements already is a lot at stake. Besides building a functional study room costs you some effort and creativity for effective utilization of the available space.

Generally, a study room is considered a prerequisite element of any home. However, it is still an afterthought for many of us due to the small space are already cramped. Consequently, this makes organizing a difficult task. So it is always better to plan out the space to build all the rooms you require and consider essential. You can either decide the plan before purchasing the flat or plan out space before you choose to move into the villas for sale in OMR.

Let’s figure out how to include a study room in a tiny dwelling space.


A study nook in the living room

As the living room might be a bigger space than the other rooms in the house, it is a wise idea of including a study nook in the living room. Just arranging a small study at the corner of the room doesn’t take up much space at all. Just a study table with a comfy chair to snug that fits the corner without blocking the rest of the area. Additionally, add a wall shelf to the study nook to organize books and materials. This is a great space-saving approach to add a study nook in small 1 BHK apartments.


Read with a view

A reading nook along the window of your room is a best-ever place to read your favourite novel. A reading or study nook right in front of the window can be an idyllic placement for reading. It just brightens up your day with natural light or set up right lighting for the area.


Beside study

If you are living in 1 BHK flats in OMR, you might likely prefer this option as it best serves the purpose. Setting up a study table at the bedside coordinating the colour of wall escapes the out-of-place display. If your bedroom seems small for a nook like this, then opting transparent acrylic material made furniture to avoid stuffy appearance. If you prefer wooden than any other material, then choose furniture that has lean legs and a small gap under the furniture to make your room appear spacious.


Study under stairs

Usually, the space under the stairs is left unused in most of the houses. This space is small and you can use customized furniture to suit the space. Use table lamps to light up space as it is dark underneath the stairs. Caution to remember is that always use neutral or pale colours to amp up the space with brightness. This helps in reflecting the light from the lamp throughout the small space. A combo of wood and metal would be a perfect fit for this kind of study nooks.