Why buy a property during Akshaya Tritiya?

Luxury Villas in OMR - Why buy a property during Akshaya Tritiya
Why buy a property during Akshaya Tritiya?

Akshaya Tritiya:

‘Akshaya Tritiya’ is just ahead a few days from now and this day is viewed as the most auspicious day in India. Most of the individuals invest in valuable assets this Akshaya Tritiya. Generally, Akshaya means eternal and Tritiya specifically means the third day of the auspicious Vaisakha month, which is also known as Shukla Paksha. This day is particularly taken as favourable for higher returns for a longer time. For most believers, they don’t have much another alternatively auspicious day than Akshaya Tritiya. The belief behind this day is that anything which is initiated on this propitious day would grow and grow with better prosperity.

When considered the practicality of it, it is the beginning of summer so that schools are closed for the summer vacation. You get to have a whole month of time to decide to relocate and find a new home to own.

Reasons why you should buy a property during Akshaya Tritiya:


Fortunate day for special offers

Most of the real estate builders in Chennai provides special offers and new schemes relating to payment plans on this occasion. So this is the right time for buyers to spare cash as the property now becomes more affordable for you.


A positive upturn with lower interest rates

Due to the interest rates provided by the lenders, it lessens the troublesome of repayments for the home buyers. With low-interest rates given by the bankers, developers emerge with new schemes in housing projects, making it an open wide road for buyers with low interest and more alternatives in housing plans.


Steady cash flow through rental income

Housing units becoming affordable for the buyers with offers, buyers are able to afford it as it makes the best passive income generating asset. The plan of generating rental incomes through this investment property becomes real despite the steady increase in price in the real estate market. They end up buying a property, making steady cash flow with rental income and capital appreciation over time. This is the significant reason many investors flocking through major locations in the city looking for an individual house for sale in OMR, and affordable flats for sale in OMR Sholinganallur and other residential locations around Chennai.


Less risk-ratio

The property prices in most of the places in India were gone down for certain reasons rather increasing. This reason alone makes it possible for home buyers who are a few steps away from owning a property to buy one this year. It also makes the units affordable by 30% compared to the prices a few years back. As the real estate market is now steady with reasonable prices, it is now the right time to buy a property of your own.