Celebrate your kid’s birthday in villa community

I had a lot of plans and ideas to celebrate my daughter’s first birthday. Before I could discuss it with my beloved husband, we moved into our new dream villa in OMR which was handed over to us really soon than expected. Because of the packaging and arrangements of shifting homes in a hurry, we never got enough time to talk about this at all. Last week was my little girl’s first birthday celebration. As I am new to this place, I don’t have a clue about the gathering halls or hotels other than our community hall in our Gated community villas in OMR.

So we decided to plan her birthday party in the community itself. But, unfortunately, the par halls were booked already. Instead, I planned to throw a party at my villa. As I was surfing the web for ideas, I got to know different ideas to throw a party innovatively. I tried all the tips and found it was really useful. I wanted to share it with the other community members.


>>Make the most of every little thing

Initially, when you arrange a gathering at home, one essential thing to remember is using every one of the rooms accessible in your villa. Allocate one room for guest seating, another for dining, front or backyard to cut your girl’s birthday cake.

The simplest yet brilliant thing one could follow is to utilize each sq ft to the maximum if you have less space in your villa. So this makes the visitors use a lot of space. Also, each room would fill with different vibes and encourages visitors and kids to mingle with everyone.


>>Fill the room with music

Club all your favourite music albums and play it along the party all evening. Pick up your children’s favourite songs and play it to cheer up your kid’s friends as well.

Gated community villas in OMR - Celebrate your kid’s birthday in villa community

>>Go with kid’s menu

Dedicating one day as per children’s wish is a big present we could give them on their birthday. So, pick all items on the menu based on kids’ likings. Serve up their favourite crackers, chips, pizzas, chocolates and drinks. Especially kids love chocolate and strawberry flavoured ice creams, so don’t forget that as well. Serve the food which does not require utensils. Not that it saves you from washing it later but saves your time to sleep that night after party. Another thing every parent must keep in mind is to avoid plastic usages during kid’s parties. Using fewer utensils means you are free from cleaning it later.


>>Invite fewer guests

Make your list smaller. This seems awkward to leave all your friends off the list but, it is understandable when you have no party halls booked that time. Plan the party with few of your kid’s friends and family to fit your space of living. So this trick might work to give the guest enough space to gather and have good party time with their kids too.


>>Set up Xbox for kids

Kids love painting, drawing and scribbling in 90’s period. These days, kids are in an advanced generation of playing Xbox and virtual games. So set up a play station at your place particularly for kids. The living room is a good choice to set up one. So, parents can watch kids play to have good gaming time during the party.


>>Simple colourful decorations

Making your own decorations costs less. Get creative while decorating small kid’s rooms. Craft few decorative pieces out of colourful papers and use it to decorate elegantly. In addition, get the kids involved while decorating. In simple, allow kids to draw on crafting papers with crayons and pastels decorate your home to look colourful.

>>Do not cook after commencing the birthday party

Set up all the food items and snacks beforehand. Avoid cooking during the party. Stop cooking when the party has initiated. Because taking up all the space for cooking might end up with less space available for guests. Keep your countertops free and empty such that it not only looks clean but also could be utilized to keep the plates while having snacks.


>>Change your rooms in surprising ways

Switch rooms for different purposes. Usually, we serve food in the kitchen dine and play in the living room in a party. What about switching them? Be innovative and inventive when it comes to partying at your house.

Just transform your guest room to place snacks for kids on the table. Set up a lemonade stall in the front yard, so seems welcoming for the guests who enter the party.

If you do not prefer guests smoking inside, just exclude some space from outside the balcony for the guests. So, this is not one of the tricks to using up all the space you have but, also to keep children safe from smoking fumes which affect their health.

So, I excluded sit-out space for the guests to let them smoke in one of my Villas in OMR community to keep children safe.

Villas in OMR - Celebrate your kid’s birthday in villa community

>>Blow the space with balloons

Just choose helium balloons with different colours. Helium balloons fly high than taking up all the floor space. Doing this helps you save space for other things to organize a party. However, kids take each balloon as they head home after party but look colourful and bring the party look at home.


>>Let kids have kids time

Besides all the work and effort you put to have a real birthday party at home. Let the kids have kid time during the evening. Let them take the balloons and fly high with joy. Organizing rooms for kids and parent guest separately helps a lot to have room for kids alone. However, kids love to play around without parent’s eye on them. Arranging a separate room for elders is useful in a way to keep kids away from smoking parents.

At last, this was my plan for my little girl’s birthday party. I simply bought purple and white balloons for kids, made snacks and gigantic cake for my girl. I rearranged all the tables to use up all the space available in my villa. Additionally, I cleared out the ladder and gardening materials from the front yard to allow kids to play in the open space. Also, I wiped all the countertops to keep clean and empty for the guest to place their drinks while having conversations.