Chennai – The ‘Smart City’ of India

Chennai is one of the biggest economic, cultural and educational centers in south India. Chennai is one among the most visited Indian cities by foreign citizens for its rich cultural heritage, growth, and development as a metropolitan city.

Chennai – The ‘Smart City’ of India

Why Chennai is a ‘Smart City’?

Chennai is nicknamed in so many ways that increase its pride to another extreme than it already is. Apart from the high population growth in the city, there are yet other factors increase the value to this city. Chennai is also nicknamed as ‘the hottest city’ being worth for both visiting as well as for living for a longer term along with the mixture of both modern and traditional values. Chennai is likewise the Detroit of India since more than 33% of India’s car businesses are situated in the city.

Some of the heritage structures of Chennai ranges from the Kapaleeshwar temple at Mylapore, Parthasarathy temple at Triplicane, along with the associated Agraharam being an added value consisting of row houses surrounding a temple are still seen in this region. The temples at Mamallapuram at the outskirts of the city are some of the well-known examples of Pallava architecture.

With the heritage structural architecture existing in the city, the residents living in this city of Chennai is called as a Chennaite. This city does not limit its hand embracing only the Tamils, but, also an inviting city for people who come from various states and countries. People who speak Tamil, English, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, and Urdu are seen in a daily life. This implies Chennai as a piece of India invites everybody to have the shade under the branches of the tree India.

Chennai is one among the top 25 real estate destinations in the Asia Pacific region. The city has a stock of so many households, slums, Organizations, apartments, villas emerging as new developments day by day. Chennai is a mixture of the rich and the poor. It is the holistic mix of slums, homeless, households and so on. With a part of yet-to-develop region aside, developing and developed suburbs with good infrastructure and monumental architectures still in progress on the other hand. There are people who are dwelling in small units and people who dwell in the finest of the fine living in the luxury apartments and villas in Chennai. The homeless on the other hand are sheltered and some are functioning as per Supreme Court guidelines till now.

Chennai is divided into four broad regions as the North, South, Central and the west Chennai. The central Chennai includes the main business areas. The north Chennai is an industrial area. The south and the west madras is almost previously a residential region which is now growing as a commercial living home for various growing financial companies, Information technology companies and call centres (BPOs). Being the forefront father of these organizations developing in the OMR road, it has completely considered as the IT hub of Chennai. With various proficient working in these sectors coming from different states and regions, OMR has become the residential sector for these IT proficient. OMR now becomes a residential region besides the downtown areas and the surrounding areas being most visited by travelers.

Chennai is most visited for the recreation and hospitality of this city. apart from the tourism, monuments, economy, and architecture, there are some other factors to be considered from this hot city. The city comprises of more recreational spots like marina beach, Besant Nagar beach, Mahabalipuram and so on. There are various parks and shopping malls being developed in the city. Public and private hospitals spotted in various locations in every atom of the city. Being with the development of the schools, colleges, hospitals, companies, recreational places, resorts and malls, the residential projects in the real estate are more developed in the recent years in Chennai. Especially the stretch from Madhya Kailash to Mahabalipuram is completely occupied by various projects with different phases. These projects in OMR involves various working organizations, hotels, parks, hospitals, shopping malls, the metro railway, bus depots, apartments, row houses, individual houses and villas in OMR.

With the traditional cultural heritage, recreational spots with the modern developments, the heart of welcoming every other continent’s citizens, the food, the people, economy, and architecture- this everything makes Chennai the ‘Smart City’.