How To Choose The Right Color For Your Villa

Choosing a color for your villa is as personal as picking a present for your loved ones. Picking up the suitable color for your home is the most important thing yet one of the dilemmatic experiences one goes through while setting up his/her home. Here is the simple guide on how to choose the right color for your dream home.

independent villas in omr - How To Choose The Right Color For Your Villa

Choosing your colors

With a vast variety of colour choices available today, it is difficult to choose one over the others. You can go by Vastu compliant colours based on direction. Or by filtering down your choices by primarily identifying the colors you love. Start by picking from the filtered down options of your favorite colors for your color scheme and decorations. Consider your favorite scarf or rug that you have purchased in your favorite colour. Likewise, choose the colour you love to paint the wall. There are other ways of choosing colors for villas in OMR which are listed below

The three types of colors:

1. Primary colors are Red, Blue and Yellow are simply known as RGB. They are very pure colors.

2. Secondary colors are Green, Orange, and Purple. When two equal parts of the primary colors are combined, a secondary color is produced. For instance, when you mix red and yellow, you get orange. You can choose a colour scheme basically using the colour wheel technique.

3. Tertiary colors are a mix of primary and secondary colors. These two types of colors are mixed to form different hues such that the primary colors become less vibrant. Sometimes, using shades of white and black could darken or soften the hues.

Creating color scheme

Creating your own color scheme is easy when you know the standard traditional colour schemes. The standard colour schemes are

1. Monochromatic

Villas for sale in OMR - How To Choose The Right Color For Your Villa

Monochromatic colour schemes are made of different colors from the same hue. This type of scheme looks boring if done poorly. But, adding black and white colors to darken or lighten the scheme looks great.

For example, within a hue of green, shades of light pale green to dark green is monochromatic in nature. And this scheme done with the same hue of green. Painting your villa with the same shade of color and highlighting it with white or black adds some elegance to the interior.

2. Analogous

villas in OMR - How To Choose The Right Color For Your Villa

The traditional analogous color scheme is visually appealing. The analogous color scheme is created using the same shade with different tones and tints. This scheme is done using the colors that appear next to each other on a 12-spoke colour wheel. This looks great on your wall if you paint each shade on four sides of a room or each room with a shade lighter or darker to one another. Most of the people who live in the neighborhood villas in OMR, Chennai prefers this type of colour scheme for their homes.

3. Contrast

villas in OMR - How To Choose The Right Color For Your Villa

This color scheme looks more dramatic. These are the tones of colour which give an energetic and vibrant look to your home. The color choices for this scheme are blue with green, red with purple, yellow with orange and so on. To explain this in detail, two different colors of the same segment are known as contrasting colors. Colours from the opposite side of the colour wheel are contrasting colors. If you paint your room with red color and highlight the pillars using purple, in contrast, it brings a contrasting effect in your room.

4. Complementary

villas in OMR - How To Choose The Right Color For Your Villa

This is bold, bright, vibrant and high-energy colour scheme. The complementary color scheme features two exact opposite colors like blue and orange. Use two colours to create it. But using two opposite colours would look vibrant, but it would sometimes appear odd. Instead, add a transition color in the middle of these two to make the scheme sensible and pleasing.