Creative pet-friendly home improvements every owner must know

Gated community villas in OMR - Creative pet-friendly home improvements every owner must know
Creative pet-friendly home improvements every owner must know

Like how we humans need time, love and comfort, our pets require these essentials in their life as well. Having a pet at home doesn’t require you to sacrifice in style and comfort. Half of the homeowners have pets in their apartments and houses, but as a matter of fact, those houses are several steps back for a pet-friendly home. When it comes to home improvement, pets are only a second thought after humans. However, upgrading our homes to achieve a stylishly comfortable abode, it is more important to make it pet-friendly too. Meanwhile, there are homeowners who are extremely open-minded wanting to make their home functional and practical for their pets too. Because functional homes are not limited to just humans, they’re for our beloved pets as well. So here are some creatively innovative ways to transform your home into much more pet-friendly with comfort, functionality and practicality in mind.


1. Built-in feeding bowls

Most of the Gated community villas in OMR, ECR and other posh locations provide pet-friendly community; it is the homeowner’s responsibility to make the home more functional for their pets. In this way, built-in feeding bowls help you in such way that rescues you from cleaning the entire house each time your pet is fed. These built-in feeding bowls prevent food from spilling all over the house. These built-in ones are difficult to drag around the house by your pets. Cleaning the place just where it is fixed is easy and saves time.


2.Space for wicker-made cat home

The most annoying thing every cat owner goes through is all those scratches on the furniture. Every time your cat climbs up the furniture, it causes noticeable scratches on the furniture that looks unappealing. So get a wicker made sphere home or a tower for your cat to prevent further furniture damages. Also, a small machine-washable cushion would do well for cat’s bed in the wicker house.


3.You’ll be thankful for having a pet door

Your pet needs to go out now and then like you. This means, keeping open the front door all the times is not a good idea at all. So having a small doggy door at the bottom end of the door might be helpful for your dog to go out often. If you are one of those owners who dwell in high-rise apartments in Chennai OMR, then the pet door is a definite must-have element if you have a pet. You cannot open and close the door often whenever he needs to go out. So this is the safest way to stay safe if you are making a pet-friendly home.


4.Allocate a private pet-space under the staircase

The under staircase designs are not only for extra storage. It can make an incredibly beautiful home for your pet too. The base of the staircase can be transformed by incorporating a door with a pet door in it. Also, add a soft rug and blanket to make it cosy if you have a dog. It is just like how you require some private space to relax, it is equally important for a pet to have a hideout space. Including a few alterations in your home design layout will never fail to amaze your pet. You can here include a built-in feeding bowl and water bowl to reduce the cleaning efforts.