Creative ways to utilize a community clubhouse

A gated community is to keep the residents safe and secure. Another reason is that everything is available and accessible to you within the community itself. The developers provide with various world-class amenities like clubhouse, gaming arena, tennis court, squash courts and so on. The principal reason for providing everything within a gated community is to utilize it. How many of us take advantage of it?

Humming Gardens clubhouse


Here are the approaches to utilize a clubhouse which others are as yet dreaming to have one


1. Host events

Hosting an event in your villa or apartment would be never a better idea. Instead, take advantage of your community clubhouse. In the event that you need to welcome every one of your companions for a social gathering party, your villa space alone isn’t sufficient. Look at whether the clubhouse party lobbies are free for the arranged date. These days clubhouses often have party halls, study rooms, conference rooms for the residents to rent out when required. There’s no need to find a place outside your community wall and waste a gigantic pay for it. Despite the clubhouse, there are a lot of party lawns available within the property to host parties which you could check out in your community.


2. Exploit free air conditioning

Everyone knows how hot it during the summer in our metro city Chennai. When it comes to severe weather conditions in our state, there is no doubt that your utility bills hit a huge pay. A diversion to while away the lazy afternoon times for homemakers would be visiting the clubhouse. Play around with your children taking them out to children’s swimming pool at your clubhouse amid red-hot summer days to have quality family time. Skip out the suffering from the heat at home by exploring the clubhouse swimming pool in the gated community villas in OMR.


3. Socialize

Your community definitely hosts some events for residents as frequently as possible. Instead of brushing these occasions, do visit, take an interest and associate with alternate inhabitants in the community. Be it a social event, game, sports event and de-stress event, try to spare some time to communicate with your fellow residents and get to know them. Try not to consider these as an exercise in futility. By going to these occasions, you become acquainted with new things, new individuals, and new data. It is not only important to know what is happening around your city by watching the news, know your community news is similarly vital too.


4. Recreation, entertainment, amusement

The amenities provided at every clubhouse vary from project to project. But one tour of your clubhouse will let you know what all your community clubhouse offers. Villas in OMR provide premium clubhouse with a gym for fitness freaks, swimming pools for both adults and children separately, indoor games courts, meditation halls, grocery store, coffee shops, and snooker to have a recreational session to wear off the stress of a tiring day.

On the off chance that you feel tired to make coffee, to visit the café in your clubhouse to have great blending espresso to quench your taste buds.