How different is a studio from 1 BHK apartment?

There are different types of apartments emerging each and every day in the world of real estate. But home buyers and renters are still confused between a studio and 1 BHK apartment. Most of us still think that these two forms of apartments are the same. But, in reality, it is not! Though these two apartments look similar, there are a few fundamental differences you should know whether you rent or buy apartments for sale in OMR or anywhere in the city.

How different is a studio from 1 BHK apartment- Villas in Kelambakkam
Studio Apartment

Difference between a studio and 1 BHK apartment

Studio Apartment 1 BHK Apartment
Studio apartments are an all-in-one type of homes where kitchen, bedroom, living room are combined in a large space without any dividers. The layout of 1 BHK apartment is usually larger than the studio that has a separate bedroom from the living room and has dividers as well.
These are multi-purpose apartments that serve multi-functionality as the core objective in a large single space. The apartment is similar to the studio but has a bedroom separate from the rest of the apartment.
An average studio apartment size ranges from 150 sq ft. An averagely spacious 1 BHK apartment size ranges from 750 sq ft.
The rents are cheap for studio apartments. The rents for 1 BHK is usually high compared with the


studio and also it completely depends upon the location!

It can be difficult to keep the studio apartment organized and clutter-free, but you can still keep it well-organized by using multi-functional furniture that fits the space perfectly. Though you cannot keep it neat and tidy all the time, you can at least move some furniture in the bedroom to keep it well-organized.
Eventually, you don’t need to buy much furniture for your space. The fact that furniture accumulates in the apartment as time flies away, but you can maintain the apartment neat, clutter-free, and the rooms look spacious if you divide furniture for each room.

What to pick?

Both the type of apartments is affordable and is a great choice for people who want to live on their own. Since the rents for 1 BHK apartments are usually higher than studio apartments, it is better to rent out studio apartments as you cannot share 1 BHK apartment with a roommate. If this is the case, then studio apartments are a great choice for budget-friendly living in a better location. But, at the end of the day, everything is based on personal choices and preferences.