Dwelling in OMR? Astonishing places to visit

Usually, house hunters investigate about the place where they would like to move in. Generally, most house searches revolves around enquiring about the transportation, schools, colleges, hospitals and the workplace commute from the locality. But, there is another important aspect one should definitely consider to look in their location. That is entertainment places around the location. As far as concerned, people are so desperate about this fact only after they move into the region.

Choosing a location to move in, where there aren’t any good places to spend your weekends is never a good idea. So here are some good places to find entertainment and refreshment for OMR dwellers to spend their weekends.



One of the places one could have splendid time is AGS cinemas which is located at Navallur, OMR. Both regular and occasional movie goers can opt for this place to watch movies during the week off. This place mostly attracts the IT crowd dwelling in apartments and villas in OMR. However, dwelling in the gated community to spend the afternoons in the clubhouse gets boring after a while. Furthermore, this theatre has kids zone and mouth-watering food in the stalls to quench your quivering taste buds. Finally, watching a movie in Dolby digital surround sound with good picture quality is a feast for south Indian movie lovers.

Dwelling in OMR? Astonishing places to visit - villas in OMR


Another place for movie lovers to visit would be Mayajaal multiplex which is a good family entertainment centre. It is renowned for its sprawling acres of land with 16 screens, food courts, bowling alley, gaming arcade and restaurants scores favoritism among Chennai inhabitants. Also, occupiers of villas in Kelambakkam are able to access this place which is 9 km away.


Theme park:

Dwelling in OMR? Astonishing places to visit -villas in OMR


Keeping movies and mouth-watering food aside, hunting places to experience the adventure for both kids and elders is easy in OMR. Not only the residents in OMR but, also who live in the connecting road of ECR and OMR could access the MGM theme park without effort. Kids and elders love rides like the big wheel, roller thunder, creeper bug and kamikaze ranger. Visit the place to boost high energy within you to experience the thrill and adventure in your veins.


Boat house:

Dwelling in OMR? Astonishing places to visit BOAT-Villas in OMR


Without taking additional effort you can go boating in the Muttukadu boat house which is within reach of the MGM theme park. The boathouse is bamboo roofed with lounge, from which you can sit relaxed and watch the boats. After playing the adventure games in MGM, you can visit Muttukadu boat house to enjoy the water waves by riding high-speed aqua scooters. The Muttukadu boat house is well- known tourist place in Chennai where you can see people visiting from various places. In simple, Muttukadu is the landing place for enjoying nature for families.


Crocodile Park:

Dwelling in OMR? Astonishing places to visit - Villas in OMR


One can visit the crocodile park at Mahabalipuram to encounter the life of crocodiles. Visit this place to experience the life of crocodiles close to you. Dwellers around the region get to know the secret behaviour of crocodiles during nights. Especially residents living in flats in OMR also can reach their homes within time, even if it gets too late after the night visit to the crocodile park. On the whole, Crocodile Park is the best place to see the life of crocodiles within arm’s length.