Easy and stylish ideas for a grand entryway

Villas in Chennai OMR - Easy and stylish ideas for a grand entryway
Easy and stylish ideas for a grand entryway

‘Your entryway is the index of your home’. First impressions are really a decisive part for either for a good beginning or the worst ending. Likewise, the Entryway makes the first impression for any home. A warm and welcoming entryway shows how well you take care of your possessions and how much you love dwelling in your home. An inviting entrance never fails to seize your guest’s hearts. There are a lot of decorating ideas for the entryways. But there are a few important basic things you need to focus on in order to achieve a grand entryway.


The outside

Yes, most people understand that the entryway starts once after you step in. But no, your entryway actually begins from outside itself. Your curb appeal initially sets an idea of what’s in the foyer. Ever wondered how your front door looks like? Or is your sidewalk seems inviting? The simplest way to make it look better is to paint your front door with vibrant colours. The colours Caliente red, Oceanside blue and deep turquoise are the trending colours now for front doors. Check out if your exterior lights are properly lighted. If you are living in community housings, then lighting up your exterior makes your home uniquely identifiable besides the door number. Also, make sure your doorbell and other fixtures are in style and matching.

Now we step inside…


It’s not about size

The size small, medium, and large doesn’t affect more for a great entrance. If you know how to present your entryway despite the size, you can still create a grand entryway no matter how much small or big it is. Creating an illusion of space can do wonders for small entryways. For instance, you can make the wall look taller by hanging ceiling lights or horizontal wallpapers if you have a low ceiling.

Some individual houses have narrow entryways. For these kinds of entrances, you could add two long mirrors on both sides as it creates an incredible illusion of spaciousness. Particularly, the reflections from both the mirrors look larger than the actual size of the entrance. So remember people, size doesn’t matter whether you live in spacious villas in Kelambakkam or small flats in OMR. Dwellers in the city are now giving much importance and care for entrances than before.


Express through walls

They say walls have ears. But prove them it can speak too. Take some time to consider how well you can present your entryway walls with your own style and accent. Decide whether you are planning to paint or you’d go for wallpapers. Wallpapers sound great! Wallpapers are easy to replace and your guests would love different welcoming each time they’re invited to a different view of your abode.


Be minimalistic in furnishing

Keep your space clutter-free with a limited number of furniture. It looks scruffy with loads of furniture. So a good storage piece is enough to define the space with little-must-have furniture. Storage greatly helps in storing car keys and is of great help taking things while heading out such as bike helmet, keys, coat and so on. Plus, choose the right sized furniture piece fits perfectly of your entryway size.


Speak your own accent through accessories

Most of the dwellers don’t focus much on entryways. Making your entryway speak is a creative quality only a few have. Define your space by adding furniture pieces if you have a large entryway. Or add few sage green plants or colourful rugs to the space to make it more convincing.

Speaking of accessories, it is fun to add personality to your entryway. A simple way is to create a focal point above the table or storage piece. It may be a mirror or art or family photographs. Adorn the space by adding a small tray, vase and trinkets to drop the keys. If you have a large foyer, add few colourful decorative pillows on the furniture you have. Anything you add must be 75% functional than just an accessory. Especially if you use the entryway regularly, functionality should be your primary focus while designing the entryway. Functionality in the entryway means creating storage for items like dropping keys, arranging shoes, and hanging coats which still makes a wonderful impression. As a result, functionality is the comfort. How much ever space is functional turns out to be a comfortable one.