What can you expect from the Indian real estate (2018-2019)

Villas in OMR - What can you expect from the Indian real estate (2018-2019)
What can you expect from the Indian real estate (2018-2019)

There have been a lot of changes encountered in the recent years in the Indian real estate industry. The fate of our Indian real estate market has been completely changed since the demonetization, GST and RERA went under act throughout 2017 which visibly changed the industry in 2018. These acts drastically slowed the growth of the real estate in the country which was more noticeable for even a common man. On the other hand, the advantage of RERA coming into the act was that it improved the transparency between developers and home buyers which boost the confidence of the buyers to a certain level where every individual stepped forward in investing in real estate doubtlessly. This practically increased the number of homebuyers in every state of India naturally making the dream of owning a home for the buyers who were a few steps away from buying one.

Now, the Indian real estate is gradually recovering and there is more to come in the upcoming year 2019. Here are a few significantly important trends which are going to take up the industry to a whole new level in the near future.


The industry is now opening gates for international investors

The indian real estate is now opening its gates wide open for investors outside India and the cash flow would become extensive for a good score in gaining capital. These days, a lot of investors are eagerly investing in both residential and commercial properties in India. Particularly in the metro cities of India that goes well for both of the properties. Right from the individual house for sale in OMR and the residential villas in Kelambakkam in Chennai and the other popular places of the country are now flooded with investors flocking through the cities.

Moreover, the demand for the commercial properties is now rapidly increasing in India because of the various developments are now witnessing throughout the country. This is particularly increasing with skyrocket speed in the major cities seeking better returns. With more number of MNCs expanding in the cities, there is hope for the future investors in India.


Timely handing over with RERA

The most common issue faced by every home buyer is the delay of project handing over. This has now changed with the RERA regulations coming into the act, the fear of delays are now washed out from the hearts of the buyers with timely delivery. Right from the reputed real estate developers to start-ups are now revamping their business models and policies to make sure they deliver the project to the buyer by completing the project within the timeframe. This decreases the buyer’s worry to switch minds from one project to another. This avoids the pressure of switching properties from the most loved to buying random properties with disinterest.


The rise in demand for properties

In big metro cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Delhi and few other regions are now in demand for properties. Most of the investors from various places are now interested in buying both residential and commercial real estate properties. New projects are now emerging in both outskirts and suburban regions. Besides the green gated community projects, developers are now coming up with new affordable housing schemes.

Likewise, Alliance Group is developing the Alliance Garden Front project which is the affordable apartments for sale in OMR that provides the residents with all amenities and additional facilities that enhance the regular life. With similar projects emerging in all the cities by different developers, it is expected to increased number of home buyers and investors in the future. Since there are a lot of advancements happening in the city, the returns on selling your investment properties would be high doubtlessly. In case you are planning to invest in India, then this is the right time to invest in properties in India.