Fabric decorating an incredibly easy method that works for all

Villas in Chennai OMR - Fabric decorating an incredibly easy method that works for all
Fabric decorating an incredibly easy method that works for all


One thing about interior designing and decorating to attempt an assortment of plans to discover what works the best. Likewise, experimenting with an alternate assortment of textures to make the required look is the regular ritual with regards to each interior designer. With an extensive variety of choices, selecting the best that works for you requires some essential learning of fabrics. This could be for your living room or the lounge area, dining room, or bedroom, or even the tiniest of the tiny room in your apartment should be scrupulously decorated to bring the best looks like the luxury villas in OMR.

Fabrics are of different types and to choose the one which works for your home is more of the hardest task at hand. Besides the fabric you choose for the furniture, there is yet a lot to think about and to name a few, the fabrics to cover the pillows, windows, and cabinets.

Before you pick out a fabric decorating for your interiors, make sure you have all the answers to the following questions are positive.

1. What purpose does the room serve you?

2. Will you be using the space more often?

3. Would you use the space regularly or is it a guest room?

4. What type of lighting does the room have?

5. Are you a pet-lover?

6. Do you have children?

Answering these entire questions can help you a lot to pick out the best fabric that suits all your purposes and circumstances. Now let us know about the types of original fabrics that serve best for your purpose and understanding under the circumstances you live. There is more to look than just the pattern, design and how soft is the fabric. Practicality is more important than opulence. A functional fabric is the one that fits best for your home with a small touch of design and patterns. Here are the list of fabrics from which you can choose one that works the best for your fabric decorating home.


Silky-looking Rayon

Rayon is one best alternative for silk, which is often referred as ‘art-silk’ by most designers. It is a material that has a bright texture which is a great choice for those who prefer durability. Rayon is fabricated as a mix of silk, linen, and cotton. The rayon material is best suitable for practical approach and also made of high-quality. Rayon is recommended for surface areas where there’s no foot traffic than using in lounging area.


Rich-looking silk

One of the fondest advantages of silk is that it adds richness to the room if you use it for windows, pillows, and even for upholstery. Although silk needs to be cleaned professionally, this gives a soft lustre look for the room. This material is full of shine and reflects at different angles due to its prism shine. It is not much durable and also should be avoided in high-traffic areas, namely the family rooms and living rooms.


Functional Olefin

The synthetic fabric is more comfortable and functional material which is a good choice when it comes to practicality. Olefin is more durable than silk and rayon which can be used for furniture. Another added benefit of using this olefin fabric is that it holds the colour and resistant to stains as well. This is a wonderful choice for high-traffic areas. You can even combine olefin with other fabric materials to create the best-look ever with functionality for regular use.


Comfortable cotton

If you want to decorate with comfortable fabric, cotton is the right choice for you. It is the excellent fabric to decorate your home with. It is also resistant to fading and holds colour for a longer time. You can use a blend of cotton but instead of pure one if you’d like.


Resilient nylon

One of those fabrics which are flexible and have a silky texture in appearance is nylon. Due to its resilient nature, it blends naturally and is a practical choice for home decoration these days. This also holds its colour and stain-resistant as well.


Natural leather

The leather fabric is a natural material which comes in various shades and particularly tan is the fondest one. Leather can really add a rich element to your decor which goes well with industrial and Scandinavian style homes. One drawback is that leather can fade when exposed to direct sunlight. Although it looks rich and masculine, it can be stained soon and scratched easily. Still, it makes a statement besides its drawback and yet it stands out as excellent choices for many rooms.

The important thing you should keep in your mind while picking the fabric decorating is that to choose the one which is comfortable and best fits your lifestyle. You don’t have to use lustre fabrics to get the finest rich look, just a bit creative with basic knowledge of fabrics works wonders. Learning the essential factors of how the fabrics works are the best formula to decorate the interiors of your flats in OMR Chennai.