Fundamental amenities in apartments you shouldn’t compromise on

There are still fewer home buyers out there who are disappointed with their home purchase. The dream of buying a home should not end up literally neglecting your choice. Home buying journey would be a smooth road if you ensure you have the fundamental amenities you want. The luxury amenities aside, negotiate within yourself if you really have what you need during house hunting. If not, just move on to the next apartment or villa that has all you want.

Here are some of the essential amenities on which you should never compromise on

Luxury Villas in OMR - Fundamental amenities in apartments you shouldn’t compromise on
Fundamental amenities in Apartments you shouldn’t compromise on


Power backup

In Chennai, there is a set of locations still experience a lot of frequent power cuts. So when choosing to relocate to these areas, ensure you have a power backup facility in the apartment community. These days, most Apartments for sale in OMR come with power back-up to make sure the residents convenience and comfort.


The elevators, especially in high rise apartments

With the rapid growth in commercial and residential sectors of real estate, the availability of lands is scarce. This eventually led to the development of more high-rise apartments. It has become necessary to provide elevators (lifts) for these apartment communities. In case of a large gated community, ensure you have one or two lifts for each block to avoid going late to your workplace. This even feels helpful if you have to lift heavy materials to your 14th floor of an apartment block.


Abundant water supply to avoid water scarcity

Water scarcity is common in the metropolitan cities. Practically, in an apartment community, there are at least 20 families reside in each block. If it is a larger community, imagine the figure you’d end up counting. To avoid hassles in the future, ensure there is 24/7 water supply in the community. If you want to go ahead of this, check out the water quality as well. You have the right to inquire all of this because you are paying for it. Never compromise even on the basic elements which a mankind needs.


Tight security to avoid risk and crimes in your zone

A basic security is necessary for any home. So there should be security provisions for the apartment community. Be it personal or automated security a device, security is a must in the community. However, an unsecured apartment is not worth your investment at all.


Parking space to park your vehicle hassle-free

The ideal necessity every homebuyer look for in an apartment community is to park their vehicle without difficulty. Parking space allocated for each unit could reduce the hassle throughout the years you live in. Covered parking spaces in the lot should be your ideal goal while purchasing your dream home.


Recreational facilities for fun and entertainment

As there is a rise in urban communities lately, developers offer some recreational facilities within the gated community. This not only applies to apartments, but also for the villa communities as well. People who search for villas must also get access to all these things in the community itself.

Some of them include a premium clubhouse, swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, indoor games and meditation halls. These have become very common amenities available in every apartment community. So ensure you have access to at least these fundamental amenities when you purchase a flat or apartment.


Access to the common spaces within premises

As a homeowner, you have all the liberty to utilize the common spaces. Some of the places you should have access includes the terrace, party halls, and theatres and so on. Always remember people, understand the terms of access in the papers and make sure you receive the facilities which are truly and rightfully be yours.


Vastu-compliant designs for a healthy and prosperous living

To purchase an individual house, villa or an apartment, homebuyers necessarily look for Vastu-compliant designs only. 8 people out of 10 look for Vastu-compliant homes only. Religious aspects aside, they hunt for these homes for a healthy and practical living. For example, in an east facing villa or an apartment, it allows ample of sunlight and ventilation. Also, most of the luxury villas in OMR, ECR, and Porur which are 100% vastu-compliant homes beautifully crafted with contemporary design. So homebuyers, ensure the homes are vastu-compliant before signing the papers.


Cross-ventilation for adequate sunlight and air

With the scarcity of lands in the city, you only find homes which are only 3 or 4 feet apart. This puts you in a state of having less aerated rooms. This not only results in the lack of air, but sunlight and privacy as well. This is more than sufficient to get you frustrated. Look for those apartments which are at least 5 or 6 feet apart. When it comes to villas, go for independent villas which have compound wall to have privacy. A shared wall can disturb you easily and you start to feel as if someone is watching you all the time.

In conclusion, you, the house hunters, always remember to look for these fundamental amenities in the apartment community to have a blissful living experience.