These guidelines never fail you for a new home walkthrough

Villas in OMR - These guidelines never fail you for a new home walkthrough
These guidelines never fail you for a new home walkthrough

The home walkthrough has its significant part of any home buying or building process. A detailed home tour is extremely important and this is where you figure out how you want your home to look like. So it is actually important you invest some quality time and make sure you see through everything in a home walk-through. These 1 or 2 hours of home tour is what the most crucial moment to decide whether your wants matches what you actually see in front of you. So knowing what a walkthrough is and what to expect from it can highly help you to ask the sensible questions to the homeowner or developer before you enter the finished home you’ve always dreamt of.


Why is walkthrough important?

The home walkthrough is the stage where you not only see the final look of the property, but also learn a lot during this process. In between these 2 hours of the tour, you see the property and know how the home really functions with all of its special features. This is why scheduling a proper time period for the home tour is important to make sure there are no interruptions from your workplace or any other personal work.


Who are all involved in a walkthrough?

A walkthrough usually happens with the involvement of the builder, or the manager or the supervisor, you (the buyer) and the buyer’s agent if you happen to have one. Having all of them involved in the tour ensures all of their questions are properly answered before you decide to move in the apartment or villa.


What happens in a walkthrough?

Each developer has a different walkthrough process and a few things might be different from one builder to another. But listed here are the common areas which every developer takes you through the process and knowing this can guide to look out along the process…


Check out the finish work: The finish work is the first part you should be focusing on in a home walk-through. While most of the renowned real estate developers in Chennai are focusing on every detail in finishing off the project showing utmost care in every inch of the house. So the finish work of the wall paints and trims wouldn’t be a problem for you, but just in case checking out for flaws might save you from spending for another coat of paint by yourself in the future.

The doors and windows: After the walls, your builder or the agent shows you how the doors and windows function. Talk to the builder if you see anything wrong with the working and window treatments.


Appliances and equipment:

The walkthrough opens a wide door for learning about the equipments, appliances and home automation system. It is the builder’s one of the responsibilities to show you how the features they’ve installed works. Otherwise, they’d hand you the manuals to learn how these things function. The responsibility to look for the electrical panels, controls and security systems is all your side of the effort to make sure you use it comfortably with easy access.

The exteriors: Not only the indoors, you should check out the work of the builders by looking at the exterior part of the property as well. It is not the candy inside attracts us; it is the eye-catching wrapper that captivates the hearts to buy the candy. So it is extremely important to look for the outdoors and make sure it possibly makes it inviting for the visitors. This is where you should throw off your buyer’s mask and put on the visitor’s mask. Taking in all the finishes like a visitor does the trick here. Seeing everything just like how your guest looks while they visit your home gives you a chance of making the property visually appealing.

The maintenance: Be it any villas in Chennai OMR you decide to buy, it is indeed your responsibility to ask about the maintenance that comes through all the year. During the walkthrough, have a talk with the supervisor about the maintenance and warranties. It is ideal that every builder offers you the warranty and maintenance for the first one or two years. So making sure which all comes under the warranty list can save you from future inconvenience.