How to Pick the Right Curtains for your Home this summer

How to Pick the Right Curtains for your Home this summer - Villas in OMR Chennai
How to Pick the Right Curtains for your Home for this summer

‘Window curtains can be your style proclamation’, how obvious these words are as shades can enable you to make a room. Any interior architect will reveal to you that, if picked effectively, window medications or shades for an entryway can change the mood of a room.

It all starts basically with the size of your home. Whether you reside in a Luxury Apartment in Chennai or a compact-size apartment in any city of the country, the size of your home decides the curtain theme accordingly. With regards to picking curtains, you need to think about its texture, shading, length and lining and whether the curtains are specially crafted or off-the-rack and so forth. Such different angles for picking curtains can definitely influence you make a beeline for a turn! However, a couple of tips some of which are recorded beneath can enable you to pick idealize window curtains for your home and put those shades to brilliant utilize. So we should perceive what angles to consider while picking window curtains:


Fabric, Lining and Color

The fabric is a fundamental and essential factor while picking a window curtain on the grounds that your material will direct how well your curtains capacity and how they hold up additional time. If the shades are too overwhelming they may not overlap freshly when drawn or if the window curtains are too light they may not fall legitimately.

Work with huge examples of shades as to perceive how they fall as a little piece may not demonstrate the texture’s actual wrap. Another imperative angle to consider is the measure of light you get in the room as brutal daylight will blur the texture speedier thus brilliant shaded curtains will blur away quicker in high-temperature zones of the home. With regards to texture, Linen, Silk, Faux Silk and Velvet are great decisions. They are perfect for window medications as they fall nimbly and wrap well. A few textures additionally tend to keep the icy out. See what suits your home and pick the texture as needs are.

Something else to consider is whether your texture needs lining as silk blinds without a coating will decay and blur quicker, along these lines lining is imperative as it helps in adding body and totality to the shade and shields them from blurring.

Also, the shade of the window curtains should mix with the room’s stylistic theme. Unbiased shades effectively mix and add a touch of class to the whole room. Pick the shades of the window curtain as indicated by the room furniture.



Length of the blind is a vital element as it gives your windows that additional length, which influences them to look a la mode and enable them to mix grandly with the room stylistic layout. When estimating the width of a window for their appropriate blinds, give the estimation a decent four inches additional width on both the sides as this will give your curtains totality and they will look great when drawn separated.


Custom-Made or Off the Shelf Curtain

Custom-influenced window medicines to have certain advantages, i.e. they are made to suit the length and broadness of your windows. Specially designed shades accompany a ton of perpetual outline choices and styles. If specially crafted isn’t in your spending then you can decide on Off the Shelf unbelievably in standard sizes with the goal that you can pick a decent quality texture that will wrap well. Likewise, ask whether your window curtains require dry-cleaning or are washer agreeable.

Get your curtains through a home advisor, if you can manage the cost of one or get the examples and perceive what they look like in your room and whether they mix with the decorations previously you at long last get them.

Keep the above-mentioned tips in the back of your mind in order to choose the perfect curtains to make your home stand out just like the Luxury villas in OMR.