Make this Ugadi memorable in your apartment with these ideas

Villas in Chennai OMR -Make this Ugadi memorable in your apartment with these ideas
Make this Ugadi memorable in your apartment with these ideas


The beginning of new age is celebrated as Ugadi in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Also, a lot of people coming from these states to Chennai are celebrating this festival in different ways every year. One beautiful thing about festivals is that you get the opportunity to get to know your neighbors in the apartment. Most of the people in Chennai are unaware of the ways to celebrate this auspicious festival. Despite where you live, whether the Apartments in OMR Chennai or in Bangalore, here are some creative and cheerful ideas on celebrating Ugadi in your apartment.


Ugadi decor: (1) Start with your front door

There are numerous possibilities to decorate your front door apart from the leaves decor and metals.


Introduce a floor art

Colorful rangoli or floor art mats are the best way for striking and inviting entrance. If you know to create a welcoming rangoli art, then add a touch of madness in it to make it appear even more innovative and unique. In case you haven’t tried any yet, then it is wise to purchase a readymade floor art like a stencil. In the markets, you can find various floor art stencils with numerous designs for an authentic look.


Bring the olden days back

Gone are the days where people sticking all traditional ways of decorating. Why not bring it again by replacing all the artificial paints with mango and Neem leaves? These two leaves are considered pure, sacred and have so many environmental benefits as well. Also, neem leaves bring positive vibes in the house. As so many people in Chennai are opting to live in luxury flats and Villas in Chennai OMR, take this day as a golden opportunity to bring out tradition back to the house. Mango and neem leaves make the perfect door hangings which can be attractive for your front door among all the apartment doors on the floor.


Place a small banana tree

Ugadi is incomplete without a banana tree. The banana tree is considered as an important part of the Ugadi celebration. To bring the traditional look with a modern decorative look, then place an artificial banana tree near the front door.


Looks are incomplete without sound

Attractive decorations and ornamentals don’t make Ugadi a great occasion. Have a plan of hanging some creative door hanging as well. Wouldn’t that feel good to hear pleasant sounds as you enter the door? Hang some chimes and brass temple bells to create an inviting entrance by welcoming your neighbors and friends with amusing sound.


Ugadi decor: (2) Set up a flowery aromatic environment

If you really wish to transform the day more traditionally, then keep it simple with fresh flowers. Particularly, yellow flowers are the must-have ones to worship God by placing it at the foot of the lord. Flourish flowers and garlands all around the house to make it look more fresh and colorful. It is also mandatory that you garland your family member’s pictures who passed away.


Ugadi decor: (3) Bring in the fragrance of festival inside your home

The most important part of any occasion in Hindu tradition is the aroma. As Ugadi is the beginning of the age, let it start with aromatic fragrance in the house. Basil (tulsi), Sandalwood, and incense sticks are some of the fragrant spreading elements you can have as a part of this traditional ritual. Bring in the holy environment and the aura of freshness to the puja room with the incense sticks, flowers, and sandalwood.