Pallavaram: Top 10 women’s accommodations for career starters ever!

Luxury Villas in OMR - women’s accommodations for career starters ever!
Pallavaram: Top 10 women’s accommodations for career starters ever!

Women, who are at the early stages of the career, are likely to have an exceptionally limited spending limit. As the income for most young freshers is low, it is not enough to rent a flat at the initial stage of their career. In regards to this, hostel accommodations may be a wise choice which suits their needs and necessities.

Firstly, the Pallavaram-Thoraipakkam Road links to the corridors of the OMR and GST road is expected to grow significantly in both commercial and residential sectors. These include the infrastructure inventiveness which is the driving force for a massive development.

This stretch, which is located strategically well-connected to the booming micro-markets of OMR and the GST road is likely to emerge as the grounds for developments in the future. With regards to this, this road is gearing up to lure numerous MNC and Non-MNC companies. These developments lead to open gateways for most residential Apartments in OMR.

Hostel accommodations are cheaper and meet to the basic necessities of every individual who fly over from various states to Chennai IT expressway. This is the only possible yet budget-friendly women’s accommodations for new career starters. Here are some of the Women’s hostel accommodations along the Pallavaram-Thoraipakkam road.


1) RVS Ladies Hostel

Address: No 24, Maliga Nagar, Pallavaram,

Chennai – 600043

Nearest Place: Near Vels University

Phone: +91 9152312606


2) Rathna Ladies Hostel

Address: No 5/4, Krishna Nagar, Pammal,

Chennai – 600075

Nearest PlaceNear Andhra Bank

Phone: 044-22480809


3) Abirami Jai Ladies Hostel

Address: No 44/45, 1st Main Road New Colony, Chrompet,

Chennai – 600044

Nearest PlaceNear Lalitha jewellery, and main bus stop

Phone: +91 9152173033


4) Priya Ladies Hostel

Address: No 20/9B, CLC Works Road, Chrompet,

Chennai – 600044

Nearest PlaceNear Balaji Hospital

Phone: +91 9152176379


5) Kavitha’s Ladies Hostel

Address: No 3 A, Ammankovil Street Kolan Savadi, Chrompet,

Chennai – 600044

Nearest PlaceNear Radha Nagar Railway Gate

Phone: +91 9152182918


6) PINK curtains Premium Womens Accommodation

Address: No 16, Thiruvalluvar Nagar Main Road, Keelakattalai,

Chennai – 600117,

Nearest PlaceNear Bus Stand

Phone: +91 9152188731


7) Girija Women’s Hostel

Address: No 5, Chitalapakkan Main Road Nehru Nagar,


Chennai – 600044

Nearest PlaceNear By MIT College

Phone: +91 9152205448


8) Uma Ladies Hostel

Address: No 128, Periyar Salai Nehru Nagar, Chrompet,

Chennai – 600044,

Nearest PlaceNear Kumaran Kundram Bus Stop

Phone: +91 9152213799


9) VK Ladies Hostel

Address: No 3 Navamani 1st Cross Street, Central bank Colony, Chrompet,

Chennai – 600044,

Nearest PlaceNear Balaji Medical College

Phone: +91 9152182943


10) Rest n Nest Ladies Hostel

Address: Plot No 23 Ganesh Flats, Ganesh Avenue, Pallikaranai,

Chennai – 600100,

Nearest PlaceNear Shell Petrol Bunk behind CTS and Jerusalem College & Kamatchi Hospital

Phone: +91 9152176150


Hope this list helps the career starters to pick facilities astutely at earlier career stages. Spend your money wisely to spare with a specific end goal to move into luxury villas in OMR soon.