Perfect colours for your living room this winter

Not all the colours look good for all the seasons. Some colours are suitable for summer and few other suits for winter. Some days, it is difficult to get enough sunlight in our living room. Because most of the shades look dark for winter and reflects very less sunlight.

There are yet a few colours which add beauty during winters. Living rooms can look cosy and bright, even during winters with these colours.

Villas for sale in OMR - Perfect colours for your living room this winter
The different shades of brown like wooden brown


Earthy shades are the colours for charming atmosphere

When it comes to south India, even winters are hot whereas summers are the hottest of the year. During this change in the season, making a few changes can bring the delightful view. The simple hues of earthy colours make an absolutely perfect combination for a living room. These are more suitable for homes in Chennai. The different shades of brown like wooden brown and khaki are a great choice. Decorating it with yellow and red rugs and throw pillows would light up the living room so well. Most villas for sale in OMR are painted with traditional colours like brown, sandal and other yellow shades. This brings a homey look to the villas and most builders use these days.


Purple and lilac purple

Most people confuse with lilac as light purple. But it is called ‘lilac’. Purple with lilac makes a great combination of a cosy living room. Rich purple and different hues of purple sparkle the living room with such adornment. Just purchase a rich deep purple sofa and lilac coloured throw pillows. This combo makes a huge difference in your living room.


Perfection with peach pop

You can see most north Indian homes would be filled with peach colours. The peach colour is not only suitable for summer, but adds a picture perfect click for winters as well. Peach colour gives a rejuvenating feel to the climate at home. With winters turning cold at nights, peach adds warmth and brightness. Let’s personify the living room with complete grace and charm. Peach makes the atmosphere so inviting for the guest so they don’t like the idea of going home soon. With heavy and broad brown furniture, the colour of the wall lights up with high elegance. Peach with wooden brown furniture and vintage table lights are an awesome blend of the traditional living.


Yellow, you are my friend fellow

Mango yellows are a great way to add charisma to a living room. With different hues of yellow and brown, pink, black and gray is a tremendous mix of a flawless room which also helps to enhance little room. Yellow walls with dark coloured painting add a spark for the living room. Yellow brightens the living area when the sunlight hits the room. This vivid picture of sunlight hitting the room would never be the result of any other colour combination. Especially, yellow walls and a brown soft sofa are the lovely blend of an awesome family click. Also, in India, people believe yellow is the traditional and cultural colour for any good occasions.