Perk up your living room with creative centerpiece

Villas in OMR Chennai - Perk up your living room with creative centerpiece
Perk up your living room with creative centrepiece

The living room is one of the spaces in the house that has high foot-traffic. So it is necessary to improve comfort, functionality and to withstand maximum utilization. Whatever you do in the living room, be it to have a simple conversation or any functionality, it is better to perk up the space with some focal point. Regardless of where you live, small apartment or individual house, it is your choice to bring up the best out of the space. Today, most of the villas for sale in OMR come with a centerpiece that holds the beauty of the living room if not, you create one. To guide you through the process, here are a few centerpiece you could create a focal point in your living room while revamping your villa next time!



Just add a sofa and a coffee table in the living room to segment off rest of the space. Always sit your sofa in the center of the room such that it faces the main wall of the room. Colour is the main attracting attribute of any furniture. So pick sofa furniture that reflects bright colours and see-through table along with some bold decorative elements. To create a sensational space without making it messier, just one or two heavy ornamentals are a good way to go. Going minimal for the decor can minimize dramatic look and it looks more decent and tidy with simple embellishments.



Another piece that holds all together in a living room is the fireplace with mantel. It acts as the perfect centerpiece for any living room doubtlessly. In order to build a fireplace, the material and texture an important feature to consider for a perfect fireplace. Pick something of a deep and rich wood for a fireplace to warm up the living space to make the room more inviting and cosy. In case if you don’t prefer much bold and deep look, pick something which is light, white and neutral coloured such as baby blue and sage green.


Sitting area

There is no doubt that most of the casual to life-changing conversations happen in the living room. To keep your conversations flowing and comfortable, arranging a sitting area that keeps your conversation going and maintain a healthy relationship with family and friends, creating a space for sitting is necessary. This includes four armchairs around a coffee table and some gentle and light decor along with some vase, books and magazines. The ambience inside a room controls your mood, so a warm ambience is a key for a great sitting area for your villa. Add some comfortable leather chairs, or set a sofa along the length of the coffee table to improve the look even more.



Other than the regular sofa, a sectional sofa can also make an awe-inspiring centerpiece and is a practical choice which is a comfortable seating for your family. Sectionals can make a statement in your living room when it is touched with minimal decorating. For a richer look, just try white sectionals and highlight it with bold and colourful throw pillows to make a vibrant look for it.