Picture-perfect decor tips to brighten up your home with photos

Villas in OMR - Picture-perfect decor tips to brighten up your home with photos
Picture-perfect decor tips to brighten up your home with photos

Photographs are printed memories spent with your loved ones. They bring back our memories of the day spent in that place. A single glance at a picture drifts you to various places in an instant. These not only bring you back the fondest memories, but also change your mood at that particular time despite how much sad you are. Decorating your home with pictures would provide you with a healthy atmosphere despite in which room you’re in. Take back those memories from room to room in your abode. This could be done picture perfect to brighten up your day using only pictures of your happy smile.

Creating a photo gallery wall would add a personal touch to the room and feels more homey and cosy. You can create different layouts on the wall or even mix few black and white pictures with coloured ones to get more creative. Here are a few tips to decorate your home to make a personal statement.


Basic principles of creating a photo wall display

There are people who limit themselves from decorating their homes just because they bought a luxury home. For example, if you own a luxury villa in OMR doesn’t mean you have to stop improvising the look of your villa. Adding a personal touch to luxury homes adds more grandiose look than anything else. Here are certain fundamental principles to follow while creating a photo wall display.

1. Always remember that frames should hang at the eye level. This means an average human would be around 5 ft. Hang the pictures above 5 or 6 ft above if you have high ceilings not lower than that.

2. Follow a theme. Display the pictures to come together with a style. For example, if you use all black and white frames, then use frames of different textures of black and white to add more intensity.

3. Arrange and see the frames with different geometrical layouts in order to decide what works for you. Just like moving things around the home to make your space optimized, rearrange the photos which style or layout works great on the wall.

4. If your wall is small and you’re out of space, then try using collages on the wall. Or purchase a multi-picture frame to display many pictures within the available space.

Besides these basic principles of hanging the pictures on the wall, there are different ways to focus on the display layout as well. The exact measurements and space between photos can bring the organized look, but the design should also be in your bucket while picture decorating your home.


Here are some beautiful ways to display pictures on the wall


Pair pictures

If you have a large sofa in the living room, a pair of picture frames just above the sofa would do well. If your baby is a twin, take a picture of both in a pair frame and hang them on the wall above the sofa or lounge in the living room. This looks simple but speaks much.


Happy entryway

If you live small affordable apartments in OMR and if you have a narrow entryway, you can create a gallery wall on the entryway wall. The entryway is not just a place to place just a storage and tray to keep your keys and hang coats. You can still add up pictures on one wall of the narrow entryway to make it even more special.


Add a toast of smile in the dining room

The dining room is one place where you eat, have a conversation and relax. Why keep quiet when you can still have something to talk during supper? You can hang pictures on the dining room wall near the dining table. Collect all the pictures you’d like to hang and frame it with the contrast colour of your wall to highlight the pictures. Are you planning to make your dining room more attractive? This is the best way to go.


A simple grid sitting area

If you have space for sitting area in a spacious master bedroom, create an equilateral grid on the wall near the seating area. If you have a bay window, then make a grid of pictures on the wall near the area.


Photos mural wallpaper

If you have entertainment room or a family room, a giant photo mural wallpaper is the best choice. Select one picture of your family which you feel is the happiest moment, making it a photo mural to display it in the room. This is a simple move but makes a big difference.


Steps to memories stairs

Most of the stairs in the houses are kept empty. They are just stairs to climb up and down until it becomes a place with memories. You can hang pictures on the walls by the staircase to make it livelier. There is no place in the house you cannot display pictures. Use even a small opportunity to decorate your space with printed memories.