The ridiculously best way to design an entertainment room at home

Villas in Chennai OMR - The ridiculously best way to design an entertainment room at home
The ridiculously best way to design an entertainment room at home

Creating a pleasant ambiance with technology and artistic plan for an entertainment room is easy as this is a perfect place to loosen up and relax at home. Gone are the days watching television for entertainment at home. As technology is giving rise to good experience and much more than an ordinary television, people are choosing something advanced and beyond the regular TV. A home theatre, beyond the normal television, is found almost in every urban home these days.

Homeowners having spacious homes are omitting a part of the house for entertainments. An entire room for setting up a home theatre is the raging trend gaining popularity among most luxury homeowners. An entertainment room is designed in two forms, either open or closed room. Most spacious Villas in Chennai OMR have audio-visual entertainment types of equipment besides home theatre. These include a range of indoor games to computer games as well.

Here are some ridiculously best ways to set up an entertainment room in your home.


Go for the right equipment

The essential things an entertainment room should have a television, Blu-ray player, internet connection, and sound-systems to completely absorb yourself into the movie. Usually, the distance between the television and the seat should be preferably 8 to 10 ft. To have a better view from wherever you sit, you can have a step higher rear seat.


A comfortable seating

The common piece of furniture with raised legs for a single seating is not a suitable one for an entertainment room. A home theatre is a place where you spend a good 2 to 3 hours to watch a movie. Watching the movie sitting in such plastic chairs or stools will give you a backache than a pleasant movie experience. Instead, purchase a comfortable chair or a leatherette recliner with cup holders and armrests, to keep your snacks and cold drinks. Having a comfortable seating is what makes a home theatre perfect.


Choose the right colour for the theatre

Warm and dark colours are suggestible for a home theatre for the best screening experience. To create an original home theatre resembling a movie theatre, darker and flat wall colours are the perfect way to go. For these rooms, the essential element is “darkness”. Darkness gives a better viewing experience. When the movie is projected from the system or plasma, using darker matte shades of paint would reduce distracting reflections or gloss. Remember; paint the walls behind the plasma, and also the places surrounding the screen. To get more depth to the room, consider painting the ceiling of the room to maintain limited contrast. Gray shade gives you a natural depth to the room. Dark wall paints for the home theatre like blacks and grays would be matchlessly perfect.


Creating a relaxing ambiance for a better movie experience

Having a clear and clutter-free room makes a better place for watching a movie. Heavy storages to store the movie DVDs can take up more space than you imagine having. Instead, purchase a media server to store your favourite movies which saves a lot of space. The surprising advantage of purchasing one is that you get access from multiple rooms via Wi-Fi network. Sound systems, lighting, and air-conditioning bring the essence of an original movie theatre ambiance. One can even buy lightings that give night sky and stars effect on the ceilings. A comfortable recliner, dark room, hardwood flooring with red carpet, enriched with home automation is a just-right place to watch a good movie.

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