Safety: Prevent Falling And Poisoning At Home

Everybody would think home is the most secure place. Mishaps occur at home as well. Accidents may happen anyplace regardless of how much precautionary measures you take or what number of security frameworks you introduce at home. It is our primary obligation to play it safe. Also, it is our duty to take precautions and preventive measures to prevent falling and poisoning at home.

Here are a few safety precaution measures for your home safety

Safety: Prevent Falling And Poisoning At Home -villas in OMR

Preventing fall

* Transform your bathroom into a no-slip zone by installing grab bars. Place a bath mat with rough bottoms near the bathtub. Mop up the water that splashes on the floors immediately.

* Install safety gates at the top and bottom of the stairs to keep children safe from falling. Especially, this would work great for babies and toddlers if you install hardware-mounted safety gates.

Installing safety gates for the toddlers are ending up more well-known for the IT proficient parents residing in the apartments and villas in OMR

*Have railings on both sides of the staircase in case there is no wall support and maintain the staircase railing regularly to prevent falling. The railing should be sturdy, robust and durable to keep aged people from falling while climbing up and down the stairs.

Have good lighting over stairs. It helps to climb the stairwell carefully.

*Leaving a light on at night in the kids’ bedrooms, bathrooms, and halls would be safe.

*Keep the windows closed on the first floor when children are alone in there. Do not place the bed near the window to prevent falling.

If your basement is dark, have a hanging bulb in the basement and stairs to have good visibility while climbing. Also, paint the stairs in a bright color to make it more visible.

*Place a mat on the stairs near the front door to prevent falling during rainy days.

*Make sure you use step stools to get something from the kitchen cabinets.

*If your child adores skating, always ensure he/she wears an approved head protector (helmet). Children dwelling in the gated community villas in OMR are accepted to be sheltered utilizing affirmed protective caps while cycling and skating.

gated community villas in omr - Safety: Prevent Falling And Poisoning At Home


Prevent poisoning

*Keep your chemicals higher upon the shelves instead of placing them down under the kitchen or bathroom sinks where most people commonly put them.

*If you prefer to put the chemicals in lower cabinets, ensure you have locks and close the doors properly after use.

*Do not put the chemicals in old soft drink bottles or sweet containers that might perplex the child.

*Do not use pesticides without getting the children out of the room.

*Never trust the childproof packaging of the medicines would keep the child safe. The best you could do is to keep the medicine out child’s hands.Close the medicine package or chemical if you are interrupted by a phone call or doorbell. Many poisoning issues happen when the adult is absent in the spot.

*Close the medicine package or chemical if you want to attend a doorbell. Many poisoning issues happen when the adult is absent in the spot.

*Throw away the small watch batteries like stuff because young children can swallow them easily.

*Know your poison because poisons are not only the chemicals that cause harm directly. Detergent powder, dishwasher, furniture polish, burning fuel and fertilizers are also harmful since they are toxic in nature.

*Follow the directions provided on the chemical’s label. For example, keep your windows open while mixing any chemicals with the household products, i.e., mixing ammonia with bleach is considered to create a toxic gas.