Safety tips for villas during monsoon

Monsoons are the brief time relief from the scorching summer, but they also invite unwelcome situations which cost you huge. Monsoon is one of the seasons when we could see a majority of downpour in the whole year. Due to this heavy rain, there is a lot of water stagnation in the location. Also, your house is prone to cracking, water leakage, power cuts and termites.

Safety tips for villas during monsoon - Gated community villas in OMR

If the precautionary steps are taken in prior, your house or villa remains safe and you would have a plethora of time to enjoy the weather rather than racing to settling your home. There are certain parts of your house which require standard support. Following the mentioned tips in prior would spare you from spending tremendous sums after the heavy rains for repairing it.


The areas which need maintenance in prior to monsoon season are


Pre-monsoon check:

Sometimes, you could find some cracks and leakage spots in your house even before the monsoon starts. If your eye catches any of these, ensure you fix it before the monsoon starts. Check out for damaged tiles and cracks to fix it in order to avoid water leakages.


Water leakages:

Check out the rooftops and balcony whether there are any leaking or breaks. If you find the occurrence of any breaks, you can apply waterproof covering (coating) to avoid cracks during storms. Water pipes could break and leave you hefty work in cleaning it during monsoons. Ensure there is no breakage and fix it if any, to guarantee proper water draining from the rooftops. In doubt, contact a plumber and replace the rusted or broken pipes quickly.


Paint the exterior walls:

The most important thing one should do is to paint the walls of the house. Paint the exterior walls of the house before the appearance of the storm in monsoon. The paint you choose should be of good quality to act as a shield the walls from the rainwater leaking through the dividers (walls). I recently painted my unit of Villas in OMR Chennai to protect the walls from unwanted leakages inside the home.


Generators and inverters:

Major breakdowns happen due to generator and invertors damages during monsoon. Maintaining the generators by trained professionals would save you from those mishaps. Always make sure the quality of power supplied by the generator. Most of the times, people encounter breakdowns of generator and power cuts most of the night during thunderstorms. Instead, install an inverter to avoid power failure during nights due to generator breakdowns.


Swimming pools in the gated community:

Most gated community villas in OMR come with swimming pools and other amenities. Swimming pools have to be clean from floating rubbish and other dead flies and mosquitoes. Playing and swimming in these unhealthy waters would cause illness to your child. Make sure your association in the community maintains the swimming pool regularly to keep the water clean. Use roughly based carpets alongside the swimming pool to avoid slips and falls.


Repaint the doors and windows:

Most residents follow the trending home decors and interior designing techniques these days. Particularly, the metal-framed doors and windows are used everywhere in the city. To avoid rusting, repaint all the doors and windows to also stop from water leakages as well. Fix all the doors and windows by the carpenter.


Fix the wooden doors to avoid swelling:

Sometimes, wooden doors swell due to the moisture in the surrounding during monsoon season. This mostly happens when the hinges are loose and if doors are wrongly fixed. To avoid this, remove the door and fixed it properly. Also, varnish or paint the doors to fix the frame perfectly to prevent the hinges getting loose.


Safe with wiring at home:

Safe wiring is one of the most important safety measures to follow in preventing electrical shocks. Maintain separate circuits for each power board in your house. Never take unnecessary or excess power flow easily; this might cause a huge damage in the house, sometimes ends up in fire accidents at home.


Dampness in cupboards and storage:

Other than the doors, windows and exterior walls, cupboards and storage places needs consideration as well. Varnish the wooden cupboards and wipe it clean from moisture to avoid termite activity. Keep the cupboards away from the wall to prevent water entering from the cracks in the walls. Do not keep the cupboard near windows to avoid water entering the cupboard.

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