School for your child-Pick it Right

The most effective method to pick the correct school for your child

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Every parent has to deal with it at any point of time in their parenting life. Parents are so much concerned about how to provide a quality education for their lovely children. Most parents pick schools which are close to their neighbourhood, regardless of the way that it gives their child quality education and good discipline or not.

Check out these guidelines to choose the right school for your adorable kid before setting criteria.


Gather the list of schools:

Ø Instead of searching online about the schools you want to choose, discuss it with your spouse and get to the needs of your child. Have a conversation with other parents whose children are studying there.

Ø List out the requirements, be it a good education, sports, extracurricular activities, music and so on.

Ø Take a look at the pamphlet, catalogues and brochures of the schools to know more about them.

Ø Discuss with other-parent friends of yours about how the schools in the neighbourhood are. Ask them about plus and minus of the schools.

Ø Go visit the schools by your own and see how the whole infrastructure of the schools are. Meet the principal and ask some probing questions what you have in mind. See how the students in that school are progressing by academic progress reports yearly.


List of selection criteria for typical parents:

The requirements differ from parents to parents according to their child’s potential and their financial status.

Here is a portion of checklist one would want to check out when selecting the right school for their child.


1. Kinds of schools

Ø Some parents wish their child to study in a co-ed schools; some prefer an international education system, likewise, check what type of school you wish for, and is it an international school, mainstream, alternative, private or public, the government school and so on.

Ø Remember to know the values of the schools. Know their achievements, learning system, what are all the extracurricular activities provided, art classes, English classes, structured or unstructured etc.

Ø What do they teach? Know the type of curriculum being followed by the schools. Check out under which board the school is operated on. For example; CBSE, IGCSE, ICSE, state board etc. Check the schools in near Humming Gardens villas in KelambakkamChennai for a holistic learning for your child.

Ø Check what are the electives and groups offered for the class 11 and 12.

Ø Know the medium of language teaching.

Ø Till what class would your child have the chance to educate himself/herself there? Some schools only have primary classes, some have till secondary classes which obviously throws you into a state of switching schools. Who knows, might have to choose a school far from your community.


2. The staffs at the schools

Ø Do not forget to inquire about how qualified is the future staffs and teachers of your child.

Ø Not only the quality of teachers is important, the quantity as well. Imagine a proportion of more students and fewer faculty members. Teaching more students by only a few staffs would lead in less quality in education. Because concentrating on each student turns out in difficulty.

Ø Do not forget to look at the school’s and the principal’s background. Also, know what kind of principle the schools follows.


3. Their teaching style and methods

Ø What are the means of teaching methods? Whether by textbooks, projects, smart classes?

Ø How do they staffs weigh the capabilities of students? Whether by conducting exams, assessments, tests, or quizzes?

Ø Do they follow ranking or grading?

Ø Does the school give homework regularly?

Ø How creative is the schools in feeding knowledge for your child?

Ø How broad are the schools staffs mind to students’ discussions and questions?

Ø Are the students punished in schools?

Ø How good is the interaction between the teachers and students?

Ø Do they arrange parent-teachers meet on a regular basis to discuss the student’s progress and reports?

Ø Are the evaluations to promote to higher classes done correctly?

Parents residing apartments and luxury villas in OMR Chennai have huge choices of schools to choose from. Being working in the IT hubs, parents definitely seek a quality education and evaluate schools performances by these ranges of questions.


4. Safety at schools

Ø How are the students at the school monitored?

Ø Does the school allow visitors without prior enquiry?

Ø Is it safe to send your child to school by the school bus?

Ø Do they maintain the vehicles regularly to avoid mishaps?


5. The schedule of the schools

Ø What are the timings of the schools? When does a class commence? How much duration is a period? When are the breaks announced?

Ø How many periods in a week do they have physical training and education?

Ø What are the types of extracurricular activities offered at the schools?

Ø Do the students get to participate in all the events arranged in schools?


6. Schools infrastructure

Ø How big is the playground inside the schools campus?

Ø How neat and tidy the classrooms, washrooms and labs are maintained?

Ø Is the computer education is taught with the proper types of equipment?


7. The communication between the school and home

Ø How can parents communicate with the staffs in case of any queries? Does the school maintain forums? Some parents living in premium flats and gated community villas in OMR insist on regular communication from schools regarding their child.

Ø How often the schools permits the parents to meet the teachers regarding their child’s performance?

Ø Does the schools communicate the daily work of the child through the internet, calls, and emails?

Ø Is the school giving any prior indication to parents before suspending the students to avoid student to lie at home and go somewhere outside during school hours?


8. The distance from home to schools

Ø How far is the school located from your home?

Ø Does the school have facilities of buses and vans to get your child to school every day?


9. The fees (affordability)

Ø Can you afford the amount of fee the schools demand?

Ø Is the budget suitable for your financial standards?

Ø Are there any donations required by the schools?

Ø Does they charge an extra tuition fee for art classes, extracurricular activities, etc?


10. Follow your gut (heart)

Ø The very important aspect on should follow is the feeling you get when discussing with other parents about a particular school.

Ø Can you imagine your child going to this school?

Ø Is this school good for your child’s future?

Ø  Last but not the least, is this school the right choice for your lovely child?