The Secrets to Wallpapers and Paints: Know its Pros and Cons

Villas in Chennai OMR - The Secrets to Wallpapers and Paints: Know its Pros and Cons
The Secrets to Wallpapers and Paints: Know its Pros and Cons


One simple approach to change the look of any house is to either paint or replace the wallpapers. This could enable you to change your room airier and splendidly good-looking. There are some advantages and disadvantages of using these wallpapers and paint in terms of application, cost, and flexibility. To decide on these two things is one’s personal choice depending on how these would benefit them in a better way. The following article leads you to a detailed picture of the pros and cons of both.


1. Preparing the wall

Preparing your walls before painting or fixing the wallpaper, it requires a lot of work to do. Fortunately, if you have bare walls, or is your individual house is newly constructed, then it is easy to prepare your walls for painting or dressing it with wallpaper.



Wallpaper demands hectic effort to remove them while replacing. It needs some right tools and patience to remove those carefully. This is why most homeowners who dwell in the luxury villas in OMR dress their walls with wallpapers in prior before occupying. This has become the raging trend lately in most metro cities.



If your wall is damaged, fix it before you paint. Let your wall dry for at least a day in advance after fixing the damages with spackle. You can try applying prime before painting the wall for good results for a lustrous shine. By doing so, it needs less preparation than the wallpapers.


2. Choosing the right one with durability

As you know, the paint comes in different shades and hues to choose from. Some are bold, dark, earthy, pastel and milky colours which can be chosen according to the layout and size of the rooms. However, darker shades are suitable for larger rooms while smaller look spacious with light and pastel shades. Likewise, wallpapers come with various surfaces like paper, vinyl with durability and finishing.



The pros: There is no need of worrying about the durability and selections while choosing wallpaper for your house. It can withstand the wear and tear of the children at home. Also, it rescues you from replacing it often in the areas which are used frequently.

The cons: Generally, the wallpapers are stuck to the wall with the help of adhesive, it is not recommended to use these in the kitchen and highly moisture-prone areas in the house.



Its pros: It is highly suitable for the areas which need rough applications with the right sheen and gloss. Another advantage is that these paints are available from semi-gloss to high-gloss with variation in shades and different sheens used for doors and trims.

The cons:

It requires repainting or redecorating the wall if it gets damaged. In my apartment, a part of the wall was hit by some heavy tool and took a whole day repainting it perfectly flawless.


3. The cost of both Wallpapers & Paint:

The cost of both wallpapers and paint ranges from low to high. Wallpapers are more expensive when you buy the rolls and the application supplies for the dressing. Also, wallpaper differs from pattern and designs you pick from. On the flip side, paint cost too much if you decide to have a good texture and finishing in case you plan to hire a professional painter. On an average, both wallpapers and paint come with both affordable and expensive standards. Depending on your requirement, taste and choice, you can stick to one thing and enjoy the beauty of it every day at your humble abode.