How to sell your home quickly for the best price

Villas in Kelambakkam - How to sell your home quickly for the best price
How to sell your home quickly for the best price

Selling your house could be difficult than you’ve ever imagined. The process of selling a house is as similar to buying a property. If you are planning to sell your house and confused about how to start the procedure, continue perusing the accompanying article.

1. Estimate the price of your home accurately

Knowing the price worth of your house is extremely important if you decide to sell your house. Estimate a good price for the house because the price tag attracts many buyers. A promising price tag is what makes any buyer want your property. While pricing your property correctly, ensure it is not either overpriced or underpriced. By doing so, you are optimizing your returns correctly.


Listed below are some of the key points to remember while sorting out the best price for your property

 Do not underprice your property: Underpricing your property will lower returns.

 Do not overprice either: What happens if you do so? The number of home buyers will lessen up if the real estate market is not as optimistic at the time of selling. Considerably, you might have to put a lot of time and effort into disposing of your property.

 Look from the buyer’s perspective (viewpoint): Make sure the price amount of your property ranges same as the properties for sale in the neighborhood. Also, consider the factors like proximity, design, layout, size, and connectivity while estimating the price.

Compare: Compare the offering price amount of your property and the ones on sale in your region.

Offer some discounts: There are some homeowners who’d like to sell their houses quickly. Give some offers or discounts if you wish to sell your property little faster. Also, this attracts more home buyers as well.


Let’s understand it clearly with an illustration

Before going to the example, sellers should keep one thing in their mind. “Asking for the price more than the market estimated prices will surely adjourn potential homebuyers”. You’ll likely to get more retreaters than actual buyers in this scenario. Example: Mr. Nayak was planning to sell his villa in Kelambakkam which was built around 1500 sq ft. The price he asked for was 20% more than the market estimated price. He could have got some premium amount if the period he chose to sell was booming. Unfortunately, the real estate market at the time of his selling was slow-moving when you can find only a few buyers.


2.Buyers expect best first impression: Do some renovations and repairs

The first thing that pops a buyer’s eye open is the first look of the property. Do some minor changes like fixing leaking taps & faucets, broken windows, damaged stairs, and balconies. This might bring a positive impact on the house. If necessary, paint the exterior of the house and front door to look new, neat and well-maintained. This shows how responsible you are as a homeowner. Home staging might help you have your house presented in the best way among all the competitors around your region. Home staging means preparing your individual house for sale by cleaning, repairing, and renovating.


3.Effective advertising

Advertising through online portals is trending these days as a majority of home buyers’ do their fundamental research online. The added advantage of advertising through these portals via online is that you get to attract more potential buyers from regions which are far away.

Some of the minutes to keep in your mind while advertising online are

1.Take pictures of your house exterior and interiors and upload it on portals. This attracts more consumers quickly.

2.Never ever give unnecessary or wrong information in the advertisement. Because today, most home buyers are highly cautious about even a minor details listed out there as it might end up in cancellations, unfortunately.

3.Keep your ad promising and limited to only the details which are truly available in your houses or apartments for sale.


4.Set up all your paperwork

All the paper works related to selling and the handing over must be kept ready. This helps in closing the deal quickly. Apart from the documents regarding the sale, owners must keep the proof of prior purchase and property tax and the major setting-ups done recently for the house. Make sure both seller and the buyer agree to the payment methods and terms & conditions.