Sensible Community: Make yours one

What makes a neighbourhood a sensible community?

Having a great neighbourhood doesn’t mean you are a part of a sensible community. According to gated community residents, a community is something where everyone lives together inside a common gigantic gate. But what makes it a sensible one? What are the aspects to consider transforming a neighbourhood into a sensible community? Have you ever thought of that? If you have, you are at the right place to seek sensibility of a good gated community living.


Sensible Community:   First, let us explore what is a neighbourhood

Neighbourhoods exist everywhere. Be it a small town, suburbs, small village, city, there are neighbourhoods regardless of where one resides. But, here the question is what makes a neighbourhood in a gated community really a sensible community.

In this chaotic work life, everyone is really busy managing their own lives within their financial means and earning money to educate their kids to have a quality lifestyle. In a city like Chennai, there are gated community villas and flats everywhere. But the occupiers there are really engaging with one another? Is it really happening? What is the use of living in a gated community then?


A neighbourhood is not a defined boundary where multiple houses located in a perfectly named lane or street. A great neighbourhood is something which posses all the below mentioned characteristics.

(1) A great neighbourhood exhibits the personality of its own and sets itself unique and purposeful from other neighbourhoods.
(2) Organise and maintain their own association to help the community members from insecurities help each other when needed and follows a sensible etiquette of parking cars without taking up all the space available only for themselves.

To avoid these kinds of misconceptions among neighbours, Alliance Humming Gardens established Gated community villas in OMR which provides the occupiers with their own private parking space individually for each villa.

(3) To utilize the community gardens and maintain the environment to dwell in nature’s lap living experience

(4) Also, talk to the association members to promote safety and security against crimes to keep their children safe.

(5) In addition, do take part in community meetings in order to convey their discomforts and troubles in and around the community to take initiatives.


In simple, “a community must have the ability to organize, able to have a vivid future for it based on the contribution of the residents. They must possess the capacity of creating healthy relationships, in a friendly and helpful community.”


Sensible Community:  How to transform your neighbourhood into a sensible community?

gated community villas in OMR - Sensible Community: Make yours oneThe key to the transformation is “communication”. Communication is the key factor to change a dull neighbourhood into an active one. Without able to communicate with the neighbours, you cannot achieve the work-together environment in your gated community. To articulate a better future in your community, you definitely have to communicate for making your vision to implement properly.


Sensible Community:  How can you communicate with your neighbours?

Another factor to collide with communication is taking “time”. Taking time to talk with neighbours can improve a lot in welcoming an engaging community. Engaging with your neighbours builds trust, fellowship, and safety. You might have wondered what does safety has to do with time? Yes, it definitely is connected. When you take time in participating association meetings or spend on your front yard, you are actually building trust and developing a good relationship with your neighbours, which means you, are there to look after each other’s children when you or they are out of town on a vacation. So, the time has a major contribution in building trust-worthy and sensible community. This leads to a sensible and great gated community.


Sensible Community:   How will you build a sensible community by this?

Gated community villas in OMR - Sensible Community: Make yours one

# The first step you could take is to step forward to say hi to your neighbour. Do this initial tenderfoot step regardless of how much uncomfortable you are.

# Greet each other while you check your mailbox. There is some awkwardness in greeting simply without reason, but trust me, this simple greeting initiates everything.

# Share your things and seeds in case you are a part of community farming.

# Choosing a gated community where there is community farming feature helps a lot in taking part with people who have common interests. To encourage organic farming, Gated community villas in OMR have community farming as one of their amenities.

# Be with your children when they play in the coconut grove. This not only to ensure children’s safety but also to start off a simple conversation between parents as well.

# Help each other when someone is moving into your community or moving out.

# If you are too much attached to social networks, then you can even create a facebook group and add your neighbours to share any event updates or plan a community party.

# Be welcoming, welcome new neighbours and let them know about you and the community rules and regulations.

# Offer to drive your neighbour’s kids to school in case if they stuck up with some important work.


By taking simple initiatives like these can help you a lot to build a trusted community in your location. A lane with multiple rows of houses doesn’t make a neighbourhood at all. A lane with responsible, helping, trustworthy neighbours makes a great neighbourhood. A great neighbourhood builds a sensible community.