Should you invest in apartments or villas?

Villas in OMR - Should you invest in apartments or villas?


When decided to invest in real estate, most investors are confused in the discussion of choosing between a flat and a villa. Investors, you do have certain advantages and disadvantages in investing in both of these. By knowing its differences, pros and cons of investing in flats and villas make your investment decision a bit easier.

Like any other sectors, realty is based not only on the price amount, but also the location as well. Here the price amount and the location determine everything. Generally, villas are a bit costlier than apartments. Particularly, in metro cities, flats in Chennai OMR, Kolkata, Delhi and Bangalore demands a high price in the realty sector. So investors could make a better choice by investing in these locations. Opting to buy in these locations is difficult because of its exorbitant price. But investing despite its price, investors possibly will have a great value for their property in the forthcoming years as the real estate sector in India is roaring with huge profits.

In buying flats and villas, most investors prefer to invest in flats and villas in Chennai, especially in OMR. Due to the vast developments with utmost rapidity in the advancements on this road, investors invest in both commercial and residential projects. Seeking good resale returns, villas in OMR promises a good property appreciation with great rental incomes.

As location has an important role in deciding here, it is also important to have the proximity in your mind. The location you choose must be close to your workplace, schools, colleges, markets and other leisure getaways. The house hunt is easy for apartments as they are built everywhere in the city and outskirts as well. This is where you are left with choices to choose while villas are located on the outskirts of a city.

Imagine the following examples,

In case if you are a bachelor and moved into OMR in Chennai for work, then you must keep an eye on the 1 & 2 BHK flats in OMR. This is beneficial for you because half of your day would be spent outside. And you could stay with roommates in the flat for reasonable rents. But this would not suit for a growing family; they should be able to afford an individual house for sale or independent villas.

In other words, while choosing to invest in real estate, other than price and the location, the number of members of a family also plays an ideal role.

Flats in OMR are suitable for nuclear families. Majority of nuclear families prefer for compact home flats like 1 or 2 BHK. Also, these cost you less than individual houses. An individual house is a better go for a growing family than nuclear families and bachelors.

Other than the above-said factors, customization is another important deal to include a home purchase. Modifications are not possible for apartments like independent villas. Also, reconstruction is never a possibility in the case of apartments. In Chennai, most apartments have less possibility of remodeling than independent villas in OMR. Because there are customization villas available in OMR and other locations in Chennai and you could choose the size (sq ft) you prefer. Not only in Chennai, there are locations in India where you could see a variety of themed villas and apartments.

In conclusion, the individual house and villas do have more benefits than apartments or flats. For an independent living, buyers can opt for individual houses than apartments. To have an economic living with a certain budget, buyers can go for apartments.