The success of smart homes evolution in Indian real estate

Gated community villas in OMR - The success of smart homes evolution in Indian real estate
The success of smart homes evolution in Indian real estate

The technology in today’s world is enhancing the lives of people in so many ways. Real estate is not an exception in this. Technology replaced the meaning of hard work with smart work and ineffectualness with performance. Particularly, in these homes, it improved the lives of homeowners with their regular life in the middle of the busyness and chaos of work life. The ordinary floors and walls are now evolved as smart homes in the residential real estate industry with the inclusion of smart features.

The smart home market is growing with a rapid speed in the Indian real estate today. A smart home is a house which is highly advanced that gives you control over all your electrical appliances, lighting & security systems, windows and doors. Apartments and villas with complete home automation systems are highly popular in today’s real estate industry. This is drawing the hearts of a lot of customers due to the advanced mechanism that is now making the lives of the residents more comfortable, effortless, safe, and more functional. Let us go through the elements that take a huge part in making a smart home.


Here are some of the self-controlled equipments that make a smart home with one touch


Gated community villas in OMR
Here are some of the self-controlled equipments that make a smart home with one touch

Security systems:

The security for the houses is advanced from the man guards to a smart home security system. This helps a lot in warning the residents from unwelcome intrusions and invasions outside and inside the house. This also is enabled for the entire community in case of gated community villas and apartments to safeguard the premises.


Electrical appliances:

Generally, the power supply for the electrical equipments are supplied and controlled by the smart systems installed at home. In spacious homes, the electrical appliances would be on standby for the most of times, thus the smart home system saves the energy as much as possible. Thus, the smart homes are energy-efficient as well.



The lighting is the changing attributes of your mood and ambience of the space. The concept of eco-friendly homes starts with the controlling of lighting with the remote from your phone from anywhere and anytime. To make it more advanced, you can set up the programming of the porch and outdoor lights to turn on according to the sunrise and sunset. This has even taken to a whole new level by enabling you to send a message through the smart home lighting technology that alerts you if you lighting are left turned on while you’re out.


Windows and doors:

To make it even more convenient for the residents, the smart features have taken a whole new avatar with helping you control the windows and doors according to the weather outside. This keeps your home cooler if the weather is hot and warm if it is winter. This helps a lot in minimizing the use of air conditioner. You can program the system to open and close the windows according to the weather changes. You can also set up programming to open the curtains or drapes early in the morning.


It has now come the time evolving from the lifeless bricks and walls to advancements with smart home features to live in smart homes. This has now gained popularity among most home buyers and the number of buyers is flocking to the real estate developers in search of these smart gated community villas in OMR, Bangalore, Kolkata and major regions of India. Grab the opportunity of the futuristic home, which is just a touch away from your fingers!