Things To Check Before and After Moving Into A Home

Things To Check Before and After Moving Into A Home

1. Locality

Before choosing a right home for you, make sure you check everything in and around the location. Start by having a conversation with the neighbourhood in the community to know well about the place. Make sure you visit the place both day and night. Merely visiting during the day is not enough. Be acquainted with the crime rates around the locality and have a thorough investigation about the region if you have young children in your family.

Some of the best residential localities in Chennai are OMR, Anna Nagar, and Pallavaram. These are the safest places to invest in. There are a huge number of villas in OMR, Apartments in Pallavaram and Anna Nagar ensuring the safety of the residents.


2. Examine your landscape

If you have a region to keep people away from, for example, your bedroom windows, electronics and mail boxes, have the high dense landscape for fencing the area. Do not leave ladders or step stools in your backyard unknowingly. This might give easy access to intruders. Leaving your windows open at nights can give a good view for uninvited guests.


3. Doors and windows

Doors and windows are the crucial entry and exit way of a house. It is important to have multi-lock points for windows and doors to ensure tight shutting down to maintain safety. Have the flexibility to fix grills to the sills such that you are safe without having to miss out the fresh air. Windows with double or toughened glass is another way of keeping the intruders and burglars at bay.


4. Set up multi-layer security system

After setting up all the safety measures to keep your home safe, there is yet another central security system every home ought to have to ensure safety. Purchase a wireless alarm system. It is easy to install, there is no need to pay for a security agency. You can choose any settings you like from using sensors, cameras, beams and motion detectors. If not, check for a burglar alarm system which incorporates windows, door sensors and motion detectors. A loud alarm notifies the police that there is a breakage in your compound. This includes security signs attached to doors and windows to warn the intruders.


5. Befriend your neighbours

There is nothing more comforting than your neighbours are there to watch out your property. Living in an active neighbourhood can increase your family’s safety because there are multiple sets of ears and eyes to prevent illegal activities and encourage a safer region. Always know your neighbours and make friends in your community to have your back while you are out-of-town. Investing in the villas in Kelambakkam to live in a friendly and healthy community in a green environ gives you hope of safety living.


6. Things to do before going out-of-town

Everyone needs some break from their chaotic work life. Here are a few ways to ensure safety while you are away.

  • Lock all your doors, windows and close your curtains.
  • Keep all your expensive items and jewelry in a safe place than helping your intruders visibly clear they are on your dressing table.
  • Leave your lights on to make it look like someone is in the house. Get a light switch timer to automatically turn off the lights at nights. Intruders watching your home would think you are in the house.


7. Pets never fail

If you have a pet, it keeps your home safe if your alarm system mechanism fails. Dogs can be really noisy and alert at least your neighbours about what is happening outside. This might warn off the intruders from hunting your home.