Blissful things to consider when buying villas

The most tempting, confusing and yet very important decision in your life is buying your dream home. In olden days, people used to live in individual houses with a lot of empty space around the house to plant trees.

Today, individual houses with modern amenities like clubhouse, gardens, gaming arena and private gardens for each house within a gated community are known as villas.

Here are some points to consider when buying your dream villa


Luxury Villas in OMR Chennai - Blissful things to consider when buying villas

Villas: Choosing your location:

Location is the ideal requirement one should look in home buying process. We always look for the place where it is already developed or developing. Buy a property in a well-developed location increases your value in the society.
The most important issue like during floods, natural calamities & hazards, it directly affects the land and house’s value if it is poorly constructed. Choose the type of location which is in the heart of the city to have a good resale value in the future.

Villas in Chennai OMR can be a suitable location for you. A stable land must be chosen to construct a house, in that case, villas in OMR would be a good choice for homebuyers.


Villas: Transportation:

The first thing that pops in our head is 24/7 hours transportation. Unless you have a good transportation facility in the locale, it is difficult to travel around the area for daily purposes. Buying a house at good locations those are accessible to all the locations around the property would be a wise choice.

Make sure there are Bus depots, Railway stations and airport is near to your place of living. During an emergency, the lack of transport may cause trouble by making the situation even worse. So it is always better to ensure there are enough transportation facilities in both day & night to avoid adversity.


Villas: Contiguity to work:

The commute from your home to workplace have a major impact on your income wastage, lifestyle, and health. How long could you travel from your home to the farthest place to work? Career plays a vital role in a person’s life. To balance the time spent at home and work must be comparable and compatible.

Though you work hard for a good income, at the end of the day, you’d craved your own time. Therefore, ensure that the distance from your home to the workplace is less. However, nobody likes to regret the choice they made, specifically when buying your well-planned dream villas.


Villas: Schools, colleges, hospitals:

If you have kids, make sure the place is a school zone. There must be good public schools with international standard education around the community you live in. Without able to provide a quality education for your kids, there is no use of spending a huge amount of money on your home.

Villas for sale in OMR -Blissful things to consider when buying villas


Seeking the best college and university around the community plays an ideal role in your children’s career path. Providing the best education period for your youngers of the family to initiate their career fulfill the purpose of the money spent to buy a villa.
Hospitals in the locale must be really an important facility everyone needs. You must ensure there are hospitals and clinics spread out in and around the locality specifically for little kids and old members in your family.


Villas: Adaptation to Gated community:

The gated community is the trending rush going in the real estate market and business today. The advantages of choosing this kind of living are the safety and privacy. Also, to have peace despite the pollution and noise of cars pulling out in the traffic outside the gate. Having a small picnic with sandwich, cakes, and tomatoes with your kids in the garden and lawn area sounds fun.

Gated community villas in OMR provide a greenery atmosphere around you. Having a walk in the garden with a whoosh of the wind relaxes you with prickling mind & tickling soul. Always feeling safe with a live guard securing the area sounds protective.

Owning a car parking space for your own is a true gift for you in a gated community. This is an advantage for the residents who live in villas in Kelambakkam, OMR.


Villas: Amenities:

Providing amenities in apartments and villas are common today. But, the amenities provided must be both luxurious and money worthy. In a clubhouse, there are basketball, tennis, squash, badminton courts and swimming pools. Games for indoor players are stupendous.

Also, the outdoor activities matter the most in the case of gated community living. Because the activities and games played with the involvement of community members in the green lush area is a wonderful bliss.

Gated community villas in OMR - Blissful things to consider when buying villasInhaling the fresh air and aroma of flowers and fruits is astounding. Enjoying the evening sunset, horizon with orange, red, yellow colors in the sky, the chirping of birds, with your favorite book in hand and coffee in your close-to-heart mug makes your day. Feel this everlasting paradise in villas for sale in OMR, Chennai that keeps you hanging in the heartwarming and visual delight of nature.


Villas: Vastu –compliant home:

The most prominent custom followed in India is Vastu Shastra. It is a belief that home or villa or wherever you live must be constructed with the vision of Vastu in mind. Vastu-compliant homes inflow happiness and good luck in your humble abode.

Placement of kitchen and bedroom at the correct place in the house and facing towards where the sun rises, all fall under Vastu Shastra. There are a huge number of Vastu ideas to follow after buying home. It brings positive energy and absorbs all negative energy in and around the house. The Vastu compliant house is always preferable to have a positive vibe around you all day.


Villas: Spacious:

We all love to have our private space and comfort in our home. Make sure there is no wastage of space in the house because every sq ft you own equals the money you spent to buy it. Availability of parking lot and space between each villa gives you privacy and the comfort of enjoying within your own area.

Ensure you have enough rooms, puja hall, dining and beautiful sit-out to make small talks with your close family members and best friends.