Tips for living alone in an individual house

Tips to live alone in an individual house - flats for sale in omr sholinganallurSometimes, people get too excited when they move out to live independently. But, they fail to see that they are out to live alone. Living independently is different from living alone. Living alone in an individual house is easy when said but, being prone to unsafe situations, troubles and strangeness of aloneness are hard.

One of my friends bought an individual house for sale in OMR and moved in cheerfully. She was so thrilled to live independently and was happy about the way that she isn’t still dependent on her parents. In contrast, she felt frightened and less sheltered when she found the irregularity of living alone in an individual house. We ensured the house she lives in must be secured and alright for her.

Tips for living alone in an individual house - flats for sale in omr sholinganallurHenceforth, we made certain changes in the house and she followed these safety tips after that day.



ü Research is important

Generally, individuals look for the developments, availability of stores and transportation during a research on a location. But, when it comes to living alone, one important thing you should look for is safety. For this reason, know about the crime rates. This is the usual aspect one look for in safety. I recommend you to visit the place and know how many people live in the locality. Also, visit the place during nights and know whether the place is safe at nights. Consider living in an area where most families reside.


ü Check out the property

Checking out the property for the number of rooms and how the interior is another part. But living alone in a house is to look for something beyond these common factors. Know how the exterior of the house is. And check out for emergency exits, safe way in and out, how your neighbourhood houses are connected and everything. Furthermore, looking outside your property and the lane is as much important as seeing what’s inside.


ü Proximity to hospitals, police station and workplace

Choosing to know whether your workplace is close to your neighbourhood is a good idea. Additionally, get to know how far the hospitals are located from your house. In fact, you should be aware of the police headquarters is nearby or not. Besides getting to know how far your office is, yet another important safety practice is to familiarize how far the hospitals and police stations are.

Doing research before you move in is unquestionably a good precautionary move yet there comes the worth mentioning part of living alone Yes, the life after you move in.




ü A safety check for your house

There is no mistake in checking how strong your front door is after you move in. To begin with, ensure if the deadbolts, locks, doors, windows and emergency exits are strong and solid to be safe.


ü Get an alarm system if possible

Check out online to know which type of alarm system works for you. Installing an alarm system is worth to guard you when you are alone. Additionally, lets you know someone has broken into your house when you are in sound sleep.


ü Check on your phone battery frequently

Most of the times, people neglect to check battery life on their phones. To be on the safe side always, keep an extra charger at hand when you head out to the office to charge it. This helps you in emergency situations to contact someone or the police on the way to home.


ü Leave a light turned on

Always leave the light turned on in the bathrooms at night. Or keep a light on in your room. It helps you a lot to find if someone passed your room through shadows.


Individual house for sale in OMR - living aloneü Get a peephole for your door

Having a peephole on your front door is safe. If you don’t have, arrange for it immediately. As a result, you get to know who is knocking your door. In addition, do not open the door unless you know who that is.


ü First form an emergency exit plan

To handle worst case situations easier, have an emergency exit plan. Know which neighbour’s house is safe to stay or call the police. Forming an emergency plan will keep you in peace and helps in handling these kinds of situations in imperative, not in a panic.


ü Do not let any workers in when you’re alone

In case you want your door fixed, or water pipe leakage, plan the repairs when a friend accompanies you. Never let any workers or strangers in when you are alone at home.


ü Close your curtains

If you are leaving somewhere out on the weekend, close the curtains. Because no one wishes to let the burglar see what’s worth stealing or to know there’s no one home.


living alone Individual house for sale in OMR ü Real safety with pets

If you don’t feel safe with the alarm system and the strong front door, get a pet. Dogs are not only friendly to play with but also keep you safe.

Another prominent thing one should consider in safety is taking care of yourself in the location outside your home.



Safety to live alone does not stop before and after moving into a new house. It follows you outside the house as well. Taking precautionary measure for the house is not enough to feel safe. It also includes how well your social life is.


ü Get a pepper spray and carry it everywhere

Buy a handy pepper spray and take it with you when heading out, especially at night. Even though if you don’t need it, have it for an emergency.


ü Never go home if you feel a stranger follows you

Usually, we tend to run home if we feel being followed by a stranger. Never do that hereafter. Just turn and head to a crowded area like a hospital or supermarket or police station. By heading straight to your home means you are helping to know the follower your address unknowingly.


ü Do go home alone during late nights

Call a friend or uber to go home. Do not put yourself at risk when you have no one around you on the street.


ü Become good BFFs with neighbours

Be friendly with your neighbours and make some friends whom you can trust at the worst times. They’ll be more willing to help you during those scenarios. In simple, be on good terms with your neighbours to rely on during worst times or an emergency for safety.


ü Have spare keys for emergency

It is not wise to keep your keys under a plant pot or hide it in the mailbox. Burglars are cleverer enough where to search it. Instead, leave your spare keys with a trusted neighbour.


ü Know what you post online

Think twice or better thrice before sharing something online. It is exciting to post announcing that you are off on a vacation. Do not give these types of easy clues when you are not home. Giving these clues declares you live alone.

By giving these simple yet effective safety tips to my friend, she is safe and living happily without trouble in one of her independent villas in OMR.