Tips and tricks to make your Ceiling look better and taller

Is it accurate to say that you are stuck in a home with low ceiling roofs? Wish you could make them taller? In the event that you physically need to make them taller, that could take a great deal of your opportunity and cash. Before you go to the outrage of recreating your whole home, attempt these basic traps that can influence your dividers to seem taller!

Villas in OMR - Tips and tricks to make your Ceiling look better and taller


While you’re influencing these little changes all through your home, you’ll to see the style you’re adding to it as well! Here are some simple tips to change your short dividers into higher ones!



Where are your blind bars at the present time? As a rule, individuals put the blind bar ideal over the window. Indeed, this looks decent! Be that as it may, if you need your dividers to seem taller don’t do this! Rather, take the bar ideal underneath the ceiling. This will give the presence of a taller window and a higher roof!

A similar thing goes for shower window ornaments. Rather than putting the bar appropriate over the shower head, put it up high ideal underneath the ceiling tallness. This will have a tremendous effect on your restroom. Your dividers will in a split second look and feel taller.


Keep It Light And Simple

At the point when all else fizzle, keep it light and basic. Paint the room a light shading, for example, white, ivory, or light dark. Keeping everything similar light shading will influence the space to seem greater and taller than it really is.


Full Height Storage

Book racking, open racking, and any capacity you use in your home ought to be the distance to the ceiling. By doing this, it draws the eyes upward. On the off chance that you as of now have to rack and they don’t exactly achieve your roof, add crown trim to the best. This will give the bookshelf or racking style and more tallness.


Make A Feature Ceiling

To influence a ceiling to look higher, you need to attract consideration regarding the roof. Add shading or a component to the roof to attract the eyes up to it. Here are some attractive thoughts you can add to your roof.

  • Paint the roof indistinguishable shading from the dividers. It’s something individuals don’t, for the most part, do as such, it will attract regard for the roof.
  • You can add wood boards to the roof. Get enough 2×4’s to cover your roof with them and paint the wood any stain or shading you might want. Or, on the other hand, you can keep the wood crude, which dependably looks rural and delightful as well.
  • Add a dazzling light apparatus. Ensure it doesn’t hang too low, yet something so excellent that lights the room well and gets individuals’ consideration.


Tall Mirrors

You can never turn out badly with a tall mirror. They add magnificence to a room and reflect heaps of light! Regular light being reflected from a mirror influences the entire space to feel so substantially greater. This will lengthen the dividers and influence the roofs to feel taller too.


Love The Look

The look of higher ceiling will include a radical new standpoint within your home. The rooms will feel greater and even a small compact home looks like a Luxurious Penthouse Apartment with these innovative works. Appreciate the new energizing inclination you get strolling into a room that feels tall and open with these simple tips and traps!


Look is always given as the main preference, but once you attain the desired look for your roof maintaining it is also very important to have it last for years.